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Cumberland River Hospital Owner Shares Buying Price With Celina

Cumberland River Hospital Owner Johnny Presley has shared a price with Celina Mayor Luke Collins to purchase the facility. Collins said it will cost $1.5 million to strike a deal. “The only thing that is limiting us is us,” Collins said. “We just have to decide as a community to make it happen, and if the people of Clay County ... Read More »

Clay Commission Encourages Collins To Move On Hospital

The Clay County Commission supports the city of Celina’s efforts to find a way to reopen the Cumberland River Hospital. City Mayor Luke Collins approached the board after a Monday planning committee meeting, gauging interest in a city-county partnership. Clay County Executive Dale Reagan said he recommended connecting hospital Owner Johnny Presley with Braden Health. The company specializes in reopening ... Read More »

Celina Mayor Gauging Interest In Purchasing Cumberland River Hospital

Talks of reopening the Cumberland River Hospital will continue in Celina through a Monday work session between Clay County and the city. Celina Mayor Luke Collins said one idea he plans on discussing is a county and city partnership to purchase the facility. “I want to address them at the planning meeting to talk to them about the hospital and ... Read More »

Cumberland River Hospital Owner Has New Outlook On Reopening

Cumberland River Hospital Owner Johnny Presley said he is interested in negotiating with Celina officials to reopen the facility. Presley said Celina passing a resolution supporting the hospital gives him a strong will to bring back medical services. “Obviously, my goal is to get the hospital reopened for the citizens and residents for Clay County,” Presley said. “Right now, if ... Read More »

Celina Mayor Starts Term With Resolution Supporting Local Hospital

The newly elected Celina Mayor and Board of Aldermen wasted no time starting city business Tuesday, passing a resolution in support of the Cumberland River Hospital. The hospital closed last August after disagreements with local EMS and financing issues. Mayor Luke Collins said the intent is to show that Celina wants the hospital open. “The hospital is not gone yet,” ... Read More »

Cumberland River Hospital Owner In Talks With Potential Investors

Cumberland River Hospital Owner Johnny Presley said he is in discussions with potential investors for the facility. Presley said four parties are interested with repurposing the Celina property. “We have entertained and shopping around talking to potential investors that may be interested in opening the facility,” Presley said. “As either a potential hospital, a free standing facility and even potentially ... Read More »

Clay County Looks To Add Ambulance With CDBG Application

Clay County is looking to add a new ambulance for emergency services with a Community Development Block Grant application. Mayor Dale Reagan said after an ambulance was totaled during an accident in October, creating a critical need for the county. Reagan said the county has two ambulances currently. That includes one unit with over 200,000 miles. “Getting another unit, new ... Read More »

Cumberland River Hospital Auctioning Medical Technology

The Cumberland River Hospital plans to auction off its advanced medical gear as no movement has been made in reopening the facility. Owner johnny Presley said the equipment was appraised Wednesday and is set to be sold through an online auctioning service. “Unfortunately, it looks like that we are are going to have to dismantle the facility and auction it ... Read More »

No Movement On Cumberland River Hospital Meeting

Communication issues with the Cumberland River Hospital and Celina municipalities continue with no movement on a rescheduled meeting date. All parties were set to address the EMS issues on October 20th, but Celina Mayor Tonya Spears reportedly cancelled the meeting due to some participants not available. Hospital Owner Johnny Presley said he has not received any communications since the cancellation. ... Read More »

Clay Co. Not Involved With Cancelled Hospital Meeting

Clay County Mayor Dale Reagan said the county is not involved in the cancellation of the Cumberland River Hospital meeting. Tuesday’s meeting was reportedly postponed because several participants were not ready. Reagan said the county is mainly a bystander while Celina and EMS officials try to meet with Hospital Owner Johnny Presley. “Just being there and being supportive of it,” ... Read More »