Tuesday, December 6, 2022
Happening Now

Collins: Comptroller Has Concerns On Purchasing Local Hospital With ARP Money

The State Comptroller’s Office has reservations on Clay County and Celina possibly using American Rescue Plan funding to purchase the Cumberland River Hospital.

Celina Mayor Luke Collins said he spoke with Comptroller Jason Mumpower Thursday about the possibility.

“Could the city, county afford to run it, so he had some concerns there,” Collins said. “He said there were some hospitals throughout the state that were really costing cities and counties a lot of money.”

Collins said there are also questions if the federal funding can be used to buy the hospital. Collins said it would be a deal breaker if ARP money can not be used.

“We’ll see on that,” Collins said. “He (Mumpower) was optimistic but still need some more details if we can use money on that or not.”

If a purchase were to be made, Collins said the Comptroller recommended leasing the facility to another healthcare company. Collins has a meeting with Florida based healthcare company Braden Health later this month to discuss leasing opportunities.