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Cumberland River Hospital Owner Suing Clay County And Celina

Summons delivered to the City of Celina, Clay County and three other entities Wednesday as a lawsuit filed surrounding the closing of Cumberland River Hospital. Hospital Owner Johnny Presley charges the parties with “intentional, malicious and reckless actions” that led to the hospital’s closing. The lawsuit claims that leaders purposely misled EMS staff of the hospital’s medical capabilities and diverted ... Read More »

Celina Mayor Discusses Federal Hospital Designation With Senator Blackburn

Senator Marcia Blackburn supportive of Celina’s efforts to reopen Cumberland River Hospital. That is according to Celina Mayor Luke Collins who spoke with Blackburn Monday about a federal COVID program that could be used to help fund the closed facility. “She definitely supports rural hospitals and is definitely interested in helping us get our hospital open,” Collins said. “We feel ... Read More »

Clay Community Disappointed With Turnout At Hospital Meeting

Some Clay County residents expressed disappointment with the lack of community investment at Thursday night’s Cumberland River Hospital meeting. Just 20 individuals attended the community meeting at the facility to discuss the possibilities for the hospital. This included three county commissioners and one city official, Mayor Luke Collins. Tom Rohyans said with a decision that affects the whole community, there ... Read More »

Clay Residents Call For Community Meeting Over Cumberland River Hospital

Clay County community members have called for a meeting Thursday night to try to again discuss options to reopen the hospital. Several community members have expressed concern to both officials and hospital advocates that the county’s decision on funding could jeopardize efforts. Clay County Commissioners voted earlier this month not to fund an incentive package for Boa Vida, an Indiana-based ... Read More »

Monroe Co Medical Center Denies Claims About Clay Co Commission Vote

Monroe County Medical Center Administrator Andrea McLerran denies claims that its leadership played a role in the Clay County Commission’s decision on a hospital incentive package. McLerran was present at a commission meeting earlier this month when commissioners voted 6-3 against $250,000 for a company to reopen the Cumberland River Hospital. Celina Mayor Luke Collins claimed that the Kentucky hospital ... Read More »

Clay Commission Votes Down Incentive For Cumberland River Hospital Company

The Clay County Commission voted against a financial incentive for the company wanting to reopen the Cumberland River Hospital Monday night. Commissioners voted 6 to 3 against providing $250,000 to Boa Vida. The money would have matched a similar incentive approved by the city of Celina. Commissioner Winton Young voted in favor of the incentive. “This is the first opportunity ... Read More »

Boa Vida Operates Hospitals Through Regional Model To Serve More Communities

Healthcare company Boa Vida, the party interested in purchasing the Cumberland River Hospital, takes a regional approach when setting up a healthcare system. Chief Strategy Officer Darrwin Perkins said over several years, the company tries to establish clinics in proximity to the hospital. Perkins said this creates a pipeline of patients to ensure the hospital stays in the green. “We’re ... Read More »

Cumberland River Hospital Hoping To Reopen As Critical Access Hospital

Cumberland River Hospital hoping to reopen in Celina as a Critical Access Hospital, but what does that designation mean? Terry Hill is the Senior Advisor and Founder of the National Rural Health Resource Center. He said Critical Access Hospitals are specific in the maximum capacity of 25 beds and the way they are funded. “It would have some pretty significant ... Read More »

Potential Cumberland River Hospital Partner Working Well In Jellico

The healthcare management company Boa Vida showing interest in aiding the town of Celina with reopening its Cumberland River Hospital. The town of Jellico, Tennessee recently worked with the company on its own hospital. Jellico Mayor Dwight Osborn said the partnership began after the city became dissatisfied with its previous hospital manager. Osborn said after an exhaustive search trying to ... Read More »

Celina Plans To Submit Cumberland River Hospital Reopening Letter Of Intent

The City of Celina planning to submit a letter of intent to healthcare provider company Boa Vida. The company recently expressed interest in helping to reopen the Cumberland River Hospital. Mayor Luke Collins said the group wants to ensure that the local community would be invested, so he proposed a compensation plan that would pay the company to reopen the ... Read More »