Sunday, October 25, 2020
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Clay Co. Not Involved With Cancelled Hospital Meeting

Clay County Mayor Dale Reagan said the county is not involved in the cancellation of the Cumberland River Hospital meeting. Tuesday’s meeting was reportedly postponed because several participants were not ready. Reagan said the county is mainly a bystander while Celina and EMS officials try to meet with Hospital Owner Johnny Presley. “Just being there and being supportive of it,” ... Read More »

Cumberland River Hospital Meeting Postponed

Tuesday’s meeting on Clay County’s Cumberland River Hospital has been postponed. City and county leaders had agreed to meet with Hospital Owner Johnny Presley as well as EMS officials October 20th. The meeting reportedly postponed because several of the participants were not ready for the meeting. One meeting participants said the meeting said the meeting had never been confirmed. Celina ... Read More »

Clay Leaders To Meet Over Hospital Differences

Cumberland River Hospital Owner Johnny Presley will meet October 20th with Clay County leaders and EMS to resolve their differences. Celina Mayor Tonya Spears and Clay County Mayor Dale Reagan agreed upon the date during a public meeting held by Presley Tuesday night. About 20 residents attended as well to voice concerns about the hospitals closure. Presley said the future ... Read More »

Clay County Wants Cumberland River Hospital Open

Clay County Mayor Dale Reagan said the local government and community both want the Cumberland River Hospital to remain open. But, Reagan said the county can not directly help the facility financially. “Nobody is working against the hospital,” Reagan said. “And, I know that you hear speculations all the time, but everybody has been so supportive of it (Cumberland River ... Read More »

Owner, Local EMS Officials Differ On Celina Hospital

Cumberland River Hospital Owner Johnny Presley claims that Clay County EMS crews intentionally diverted transports to other facilities outside of the county. Presley said at least eight patients were denied transportation to the Cumberland River Hospital. “Without the support of the local government and EMS, I am not going to continue to try and fund this hospital,” Presley said. I ... Read More »

Cumberland River’s First Month A Success

One month in to the reopening of Celina’s Cumberland River Hospital, Owner Johnny Presley said he is proud of the operation so far. The clinic has averaged around 25 to 50 patients a day. Presley said the emergency room has served about 200 patients. “Oh, the community has done great,” Presley said. “We have had several admissions. Patient experiences have ... Read More »