Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Celina Mayor Gauging Interest In Purchasing Cumberland River Hospital

Talks of reopening the Cumberland River Hospital will continue in Celina through a Monday work session between Clay County and the city.

Celina Mayor Luke Collins said one idea he plans on discussing is a county and city partnership to purchase the facility.

“I want to address them at the planning meeting to talk to them about the hospital and ask the people in their communities how they feel about a city, county partnership¬† buying the hospital or the county, city in some way putting some money in to make the hospital work,” Collins said

Collins said he recently met with Hospital Owner Johnny Presley and discussed the option. Presley said an offer would be worth exploring as reopening the hospital remains his goal.

“We spoke about that at the meeting and Johnny is a very compassionate fella, and he would like to see the hospital open,” Collins said. “What I took away from it is, Johnny owns it and is a business man, but he is also a compassionate person, and it is obvious to me he wants to help Celina and Clay County.”

Collins said the two also discussed past problems of local EMS support. Collins said the issues are in now in the past with ambulance services sharing the same goal of bringing the hospital back.

“I have spoke with the people at our ambulance department and they have all told me they want the hospital open and they will try their best to work in anyway they can to make it happen,” Collins said. “I’m meeting with them again about it. I haven’t set a time yet, but hopefully, it’ll be this week or next week.”

The planning meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. at the Clay County Community Center.