Monday, May 29, 2023
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Recovery 101 With Tina Green: Tina’s Story

Tina Green tells of her story and how attending a church event changed her life. This week on Recovery 101 – Tina Green sits down to talk about her story, dealing with alcohol and abuse in her life. She also touches on what’re some of the things that cause people to fall into a life of drugs and alcohol and ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Jobs And Housing Pt 2

Megan Spurgeon, Charles Cobb, and Jeremiah Miller tackle UC jobs and housing. A recent survey named homelessness, mental health access, better paying jobs, higher quality jobs, and access to affordable housing as the top five issues facing the Upper Cumberland at this point. Today we continue our conversation on three of those topics, jobs and housing, with three experts from ... Read More »

The Scene: Meet Owner of the Arts Garage Karyn Walker

Karyn discusses her business with the DIY background and Cookeville’s art scene. Join host Andrea Kruszka as she talks with the owner of the Arts Garage, Karyn Miller. They look at discussing Karyn’s DIY studio that both tourists and locals alike find interesting, some of her most interesting guests that she’s encountered, and what stands out about this area and ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Jobs And Housing

Megan Spurgeon, Charles Cobb, and Jeremiah Miller tackle UC jobs and housing. The Upper Cumberland Development District recently polled Upper Cumberland residents about the biggest issues facing our area at this point. Among the issues described – better jobs, higher paying jobs, and more access to affordable housing. How do we look at these topics, and what are possible solutions? ... Read More »

The Scene: Meet Ceramics Artist Sandy Miller & Photographer Bill Miller

Sandy & Bill talk about their works in ceramics, photography, & shows they’re in Join host Andrea Kruszka as she meets with Cookeville ceramic artist Sandy Miller and photographer Bill Miller. The group looks at Sandy and Bill’s background with one working in ceramics and the other in photography, some of the photography that Bill has produced that’s apart of ... Read More »

Peachtree Podcast: The Power Of A Story

This week on the Peachtree podcast, Tabitha takes a deeper look into the power of a story. Peachtree Learning Center in Cookeville, is a non-profit Fine Arts Center serving families and children with high quality instruction in all visual & performing arts and heritage crafts. Their goal is to train students to express their creative gifts and become light in ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Professional Mediation

Learn about the world of professional mediation with Cookeville’s Mark Travis. We seem to live in a society where disagreement is rampant. No one can agree on anything, or discuss anything, without it becoming ugly quickly. For some, the art of finding agreement is a profession. We introduce you to Cookeville’s Mark Travis, a professional mediator. Today In The Upper ... Read More »