Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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Trending: City Of Livingston Mayor

City of Livingston Mayor Curtis Hayes discusses his history in local government. Content hosted by This week, City of Livingston Mayor Curtis Hayes joins Ben Rodgers to discuss his history in local government from what made him run for mayor 14 years ago to the roles that he currently serves, Livingston’s budget going into the new year, and the ... Read More »

The Scene: Lynne Looney Studios

Artist Lynne Looney shares her background and career in painting & illustrations Content hosted by Join host Emily Newman as she sits down with Lynne Looney of Lynne Looney Studios. Hear more about her background and career in art, painting, and illustrations, and how she moved from working with directors and other designers to creating abstract works of art. ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Parenting In The Modern Age Pt 2

Local professionals discuss the unique challenges of parenting in the modern age If the Christmas holidays tired you out as a parent, well, you’re probably not alone. Maybe you could use some helpful advice. We’re set to deliver as we continue our conversation on modern parenting – circa 2020. From helicopter parents to the tiger mother, we’re examining all the ... Read More »

Trending: Putnam County Year End Review

Ricky Shelton, Melinda Keifer, & Randy Porter discuss Putnam Co going into 2020. Content hosted by This week, City of Cookeville Mayor Ricky Shelton, City of Cookeville Economic Development Coordinator Melinda Keifer, and Putnam County Mayor Randy Porter join Ben Rodgers to discuss the year that Putnam County has had, McAlister’s Deli coming back to Cookeville, the Tennessee ThreeStar ... Read More »