Friday, June 22, 2018
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Cookeville Man Worried He’ll Lose His Home

A Cookeville resident is worried new housing developments will force him out of his home. Thomas Binford of Scenic Drive addressed City Council members Thursday night to express his concerns. “I’m being told it’s either move my home or lose my home,” Binford said. “In all of this, I am innocent. I don’t think it’s right for me to lose ... Read More »

Overton-Pickett E-911 Searching For New Attorney

The Overton-Pickett Emergency Communications District Board needs a new attorney. The board voted Thursday to put the position out for bid after struggling to find a new attorney over the past few weeks. “As far as a new attorney, I don’t have one,” OPECD Director Chris Masiongale said. “I contacted the state and the state said they do not have ... Read More »

Tennessee Could Benefit from Online Sales Tax

Tennessee could benefit from the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling Thursday regarding online sales tax. The Court voted in favor of allowing states to require merchants to  collect sales tax on online purchases. Representative Ryan Williams said the decision would likely help local businesses. “I think for most of those people buying things out of town, it would mean that their ... Read More »

Clay County to Kick Off Sesquicentennial Celebration

Clay County will kick-off its sesquicentennial celebration tomorrow. Clay County’s sesquicentennial year starts in 2020. Kevin Donaldson is Executive Director of the Clay County Partnership Chamber of Commerce. “The kick-off event set for this year will be June 23 and we are planning that event in June as a kick off just to let everybody know that 2020 is not that ... Read More »

Sparta Passes First Reading of Board Pay Raise

The Sparta Board of Mayor and Alderman have passed the first reading of a pay raise for the board, vice mayor, and mayor. Alderman Hoyte Jones proposed the raise to the board. “It has been sixteen years since we have had an increase for the alderman or the mayor, either one. And I think that is one reason we can’t get people ... Read More »

Date Still Undetermined For 911 Public Hearing

A date has not yet been set for a public hearing to help the state decide if Pickett County can form its own E-911 district. Overton-Pickett E-911 District Director Chris Masiongale said he’s got a pretty good idea of how Pickett County residents feel about the plan to split away from the district. “I have had a lot of people ... Read More »

Sparta Sees No Tax Increase in New Budget

Sparta citizens will not see a tax increase in 2018-2019 fiscal year budget. The Sparta Board of Mayor and Alderman passed the second and final reading of the new budget this evening. Jeff Young is the Mayor. “The most prominent and evident thing I can see is there is no tax increase. We work extremely hard to try to work with ... Read More »

Cookeville Council Passes Tabled Rezoning, Budget

Cookeville City Council members voted to move ahead with a tabled rezoning which allows propane bulk sales on Boyd Farris Road. The proposal was originally tabled during the June 7 meeting after residents near the location were against the ordinance. Council member Dr. Charles Womack said he recently visited the proposed zoning site to help make his decision. “I’m all ... Read More »

Right Turns On Red Restricted At Cookeville Square

Cookeville traffic engineers have restricted right turns on red at the courthouse square intersections. Greg Brown is the Cookeville Public Works Director. “We had been discussing ways that might help alleviate traffic problems around the square,” Brown said. “We thought we would try to see if this helps somewhat.” Brown said many drivers attempt to turn right on red at ... Read More »

Allardt Fire Department to Receive New Water Truck

The Allardt Fire Department will receive a new tanker truck thanks to the state Community Development Block Grant. AFD Chief Larry Cooper said the new truck will be a major benefit to the department while fighting fires. “It’s not only a big deal for our fire department, but it’s a pretty good deal for Fentress County in general,” “We have ... Read More »