Monday, May 29, 2023
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54 More Acres Coming To Protected Land In Jackson County

TennGreen Land Conservancy is adding 54 more acres to a protected land easement in Jackson County. Conservation Project manager Kristen Hanratty said the project is an amendment to the original project completed in 2013. She said the project was originally the idea of conservationist and civil rights activist Hector Black. “We initiated the project, initiated the survey, and then he ... Read More »

Two Steps for handling Memorial Day Flag Display

With Memorial Day coming up, what is the proper way to handle the flag? American Legion Post 99 Commander Ronald Lapierre said there are specific criteria for flying the flag on Memorial Day. He said on this day we honor our fallen soldiers and celebrate our battle heroes in two separate flag ceremonies. “And what you do is you bring ... Read More »

8th Judicial Courthouse Will Now Have Victim Safe Spaces

Courthouses in Tennessee’s 8th district now have safe spaces for victims, including Fentress County. Tennessee 8th District Attorney Jared Effler said the areas will be a secure place where victims can wait to take the stand and avoid intimidation and harassment from their perpetrators. He said the safe spaces are very important for children and victims of domestic assault. “Often ... Read More »

CRMC Honor Long-Time Chaplain Kelly Stockton

CRMC, Cookeville Regional Medical Center

Cookeville Regional Medical Center honored longtime chaplain Kelly Stockton at its Board of Trustees meeting Thursday night. Stockton said he has been working at the hospital since 2010. He said he is constantly inspired by the hospital employees for their dedication and drive. “Especially through the COVID issue, those folks, every department in this hospital was giving everything they have ... Read More »

Pickett Approves Next Five-Year Appraisal Plan

Pickett County has approved its next appraisal plan after completing its most recent appraisal. County Executive Stephen Bilbrey said the state reassesses properties in Pickett County every five years. He said the county commission approved the state’s plan through 2028. “And then the state will come in and they do a little bit each year,” Bilbrey said. “And then on ... Read More »

Waffle House Coming To Algood’s Big Mac Drive

Algood Planning Commission approved the site plan for a new Waffle House off of Big Mac Drive. The building would be some 1,848 square feet with 34 seats. City Administrator Keith Morrison said this is an exciting development for the town of Algood. “So Big Mac Drive has been under construction now, trying to get easements so it’s kicked off ... Read More »

Join the Darwin Dash on Memorial Day to preserve Cookeville’s Historic West End

Cookeville’s West End Connection will hold its first Darwin Dash on Memorial Day. The race will raise funds for West End preservation including the records and memories of the Darwin School, the only African American school during segregated education in Cookeville. West End Connection’s Lori Strode said it’s important to preserve Darwin’s history. “I feel like if we didn’t who ... Read More »

PCSS Pleased With New Custodial Service Contract So Far

Putnam County School System pleased with the new custodial services after it was implemented last semester. Director of Schools Corby King said they ended the contract with their last company because expectations were not being met. He said the response from administrators has been positive across the board, but there have been some growing pains. “Like the previous service, they’ve ... Read More »

Student Athletes Could Be Reclassified as Employees Following Labor Complaint

A complaint filed by the National Labor Relations Board could lead to student-athletes being considered employees of their schools. The board will hear from the NCAA, the PAC 12, and Southern Cal, citing unfair labor practices. Tennessee Tech Assistant Professor of History Arthur Banton said he is concerned that this could only benefit athletes who play in high-revenue sports, and ... Read More »

Overton Schools Urging Parents To Register Students Sooner Than Later

Overton County Schools urging parents to register their students for school early via their online portal. Director of Schools Donnie Holman said it is crucial to get all students registered now. He said that will affect the amount of funding the system gets through the new student-based TISA funding model.” “We can’t be reluctant or late about putting data in,” ... Read More »