Friday, January 21, 2022
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Flushing Wet Wipes Can Lead To Septic, Sewer Expenses

The packaging may say flushable, but flushing wipes can cause a real problem to a septic tank or sewer system. Sparta Public Works Director Dillard Quick said the material is not biodegradable and can cause clogging. “There are so many of those that get clogged up sometimes that it can either burn a pump up or burn a motor up ... Read More »

Overton Accounting Policy Change Could Complicate ARP Spending

New accounting practice coming from the State’s Comptroller’s Office could have an impact on local American Rescue Plan projects. The policy called GASB 34 requires a county to keep up with asset depreciation. Overton County Executive Ben Danner said this means water utility districts will need to balance costs for possible water extension projects through ARP. “Because of GASB 34, ... Read More »

State Appeals Court Upholds Ruling In Algood Police Case

The State Court of Appeals has denied an appeal in a case involving the City of Algood, a city police officer and a man involved in a Dekalb County auto accident. The court ruling Tuesday upheld the trial court decision that James Cryer was at least 50 percent responsible for the accident which occurred in May, 2017. Officer Christopher Ferguson ... Read More »

Monterey Students Create Merch Celebrating School Director And Snow Days

Putnam County students and families can get some new gear for snow days paying homage to Director of Schools Corby King. The t-shirts and cups read, “All Hail The King Has Called,” referring to when King calls for school closures. Monterey High School Teacher Hollie Childress said the 7th and 8th grade school-based enterprise group came up with the idea. ... Read More »

Putnam FD Responds To Large Bennett Road House Fire

Putnam County Fire Department was on the scene of a house fire for nine hours Tuesday morning. Chief Tom Brown said that responders were called to a 4,700 square foot home on Bennett Road around 1:45 a.m. He said that the first responding unit reported fire through the roof of the house. “It was rapidly discovered that the attic was ... Read More »

Clay Hosting Meeting For Rural Outdoor Taskforce

The Clay Chamber of Commerce will serve as a host for the state’s Rural Outdoor Taskforce meeting on Wednesday, January 19th. Director Doug Young said that the purpose of the meeting is to get local input and to discuss opportunities to leverage state lands to grow rural tourism. “Like Standing Stone State Park is just seven miles away from us,” ... Read More »

McMinnville FD Pursuing Grant To Expand Swift Water Rescue Service

The McMinnville Fire Department is pursuing a grant to help upgrade its swift water rescue services. Chief Kendall Mayfield said that the grant could be up to some $250,000. He said it will help the department get equipment and training. “Right now the rescue squad is doing it and it takes them 30 minutes or longer to come and get ... Read More »

TTU Cybersecurity Team Places 3rd In International Event

Tennessee Tech’s Cybersecurity Center has brought home 3rd place from an international cybersecurity competition. 16 teams competed in an offensive competition to hack a fictional company’s network. Graduate student and Team Captain Kaitlyn Carroll said the three-day event includes realistic websites, social medias and staged character interactions. “You get to interact with these fictional CEO’s and higher ups in the ... Read More »

Two PCSS Staff Use Prospective Superintendent Academy As Learning Tool

Two Putnam County Schools Systems staff members have completed the Tennessee School Board Prospective Superintendent Academy. Students Services Supervisor Trey Upchurch and Algood Middle Principal Bubba Winningham said they wanted to become well-rounded members of the school system’s administration. Upchurch said that the experience provided them with insight into how to better serve their community. “You know it’s the weakest ... Read More »

Delta-8: New Manufactured CBD-Derived Substance Rising In Popularity

Delta-8 is a new substance on the market that’s being promoted as “diet weed.” Power of Putnam Executive Director Bill Gibson said that the hemp plant derivative comes from recently-legalized CBD oil put through a chemical process. He said that it allows for manufacturers to extract a greater amount of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that causes a high. ... Read More »