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Contract Under Consideration Would Reopen Celina Facility As Hospital

A source closely involved in the Cumberland River Hospital contract negotiation confirms the agreement would reopen the facility as a hospital. The source said discussions involve a healthcare company with federal government ties. Negotiations are “very serious” and have been ongoing for several months. The source said more information should be publicly available in the coming weeks. The hospital remains ... Read More »

Cumberland River Hospital Has Been Maintained Since Closure

Cumberland River Hospital Owner Johnny Presley said he has not finalized a deal to sell the facility. Attorney William Birdwell gave an update on the contract negotiations to the Celina Board of Aldermen Tuesday night. Birdwell represents the “group of individuals” interested in the hospital. Presley said he has maintained the facility since it closed in 2020. Presley said the ... Read More »

Attorney Confirms Contract To Reopen Cumberland River Hospital In The Works

A group of individuals is currently negotiating a contract to reopen the Cumberland River Hospital. Attorney William Birdwell, who represents the party, gave a report to the Celina Board of Aldermen Tuesday night. “We want to reassure everyone that this is a real effort that is underway,” Birdwell said. “We expect good things to come in the next few weeks, ... Read More »

Three Clay Commissioners Against Giving Celina Funding To Purchase Hospital

Multiple Clay County Commissioners said they would not support funding to help Celina purchase the Cumberland River Hospital. Commissioner Parrish Wright said while the community does need the healthcare, he thinks the facility would not be profitable. “As far as the county helping to fund it, I don’t see that happening,” Parrish said. “I would not support that.” Commissioner Anthony ... Read More »

Cumberland River Hospital Owner Done Spending On Facility, Exploring Other Options

Cumberland River Hospital Owner Johnny Presley said he will not invest any more money into the hospital facility. Florida-based healthcare company Braden Health visited the facility last week. The company said some $5 million worth of improvements are needed to meet standards. “I’m looking potentially at a hospice house, and then I also have two other potential interests in doing ... Read More »

Cumberland River Hospital Needs $5 Million Of Improvements To Open

A Florida-based healthcare company says the Cumberland River Hospital needs some $5 million of work before being operational. Braden Health Chief Compliance Officer Kyle Kopec toured the facility Tuesday. Kopec said the hospital is overvalued at the current $1.5 million asking price. “Essentially, obsolete equipment needs to be replaced,” Kopec said. “Mold needs to be mitigated and the facility needs ... Read More »

Comptroller Office: ARP Money Can Be Used To Purchase Hospital

The Tennessee Comptroller’s Office confirmed American Rescue Plan money could be used to purchase the Cumberland River Hospital. Celina Mayor Luke Collins questioned whether that could happen. Director of Communications John Dunn said public health expenditures fall under permitted uses. “I think the concern that we would have would be making sure you have enough money going forward to operate ... Read More »

Collins: Comptroller Has Concerns On Purchasing Local Hospital With ARP Money

The State Comptroller’s Office has reservations on Clay County and Celina possibly using American Rescue Plan funding to purchase the Cumberland River Hospital. Celina Mayor Luke Collins said he spoke with Comptroller Jason Mumpower Thursday about the possibility. “Could the city, county afford to run it, so he had some concerns there,” Collins said. “He said there were some hospitals ... Read More »

Healthcare Company To Visit Cumberland River Hospital For Lease Opportunity

A Florida-based healthcare company will visit Celina’s Cumberland River Hospital later this month to further evaluate the facility. Over the past few years, Braden Health has purchased and reopened four other hospitals in Tennessee. Celina Mayor Luke Collins said the date set tentatively September 28th. “I wish I felt confident enough that the city could buy it and the city ... Read More »

Celina Aldermen Give Mayor Approval To Negotiate Hospital Purchase

The Celina Board of Aldermen supports Mayor Luke Collins asking Clay County for funding to assist in purchasing the Cumberland River Hospital. The Aldermen passed a motion unanimously at a special called meeting Thursday. Collins said the commission’s answer will determine future negotiations with Hospital Owner Johnny Presley. “It’s a long journey, but I’d like to see us start moving ... Read More »