Monday, June 27, 2022
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Upper Cumberland Roads Mostly Clear Following Heavy Rains

Majority of impassable roads across the Upper Cumberland due to flooding now clear as waters receded Friday morning. DeKalb County Road Supervisor Danny Hale said the Possom Hollow and Vickers Hollow areas has water covering the roads. Hale said the roadways are now safe to pass. Putnam County had precautionary barrels set around floodwaters on Burgess School Road and Ditty ... Read More »

Heavy Rain After Winter Of Salting Roads Causing More Potholes

If you have been on the roads the last 24 hours, you’ve noticed potholes developing seemingly right under your wheels. Clay County Road Supervisor Jason Browning said this time of year it is inevitable. This week’s rain after periodic salting causes potholes to form more quickly. “The water gets down under there and kind of loosens everything up,” Browning said. ... Read More »

Temperatures Aloft Caused A Less Than Expected Sunday Snow Total

Five to nine inches of snow were expected across the Upper Cumberland Sunday, but the atmosphere had a different plan. National Weather Service Nashville Forecaster Scott Unger said rainfall before the Sunday snowfall made for less snow amounts. “Just took time enough for the atmosphere to become right for snow to fall,” Unger said. “The rain went out in the ... Read More »

Wet Summer Season To Transition To Drier Fall

The transition to fall began Wednesday afternoon after a wet summer season in the Upper Cumberland. But how wet? Local weather observer Michael Detwiler said many parts of Middle Tennessee received less rain than normal. “Over in that part of the state in Dixon and Waverly, they’ve had 31 plus inches of rain during the summer,” Detwiler said. “Whereas here ... Read More »

Cummins Falls Using Layered Protection During Severe Weather

Sunday’s rainfall caused Cummins Falls State Park to close as a safety precaution. Park Manager Ray Cutcher said the park monitors rainfall through radar, the National Weather Service and its own rain and water depth gauges. Cutcher said the park adds as many layers of protection as possible to prepare for the unexpected. “When we think there’s a possibility of ... Read More »

Overton County Roads Open With Temporary Fixes

Overton County is beginning to recover from flood damage that occurred on roadways. County Road Superintendent James Norrod said the Dry Hollow and Rickman areas took the worst damage. Norrod said roads are open Tuesday with temporary fixes. “We’ve set a lot of cones out at dangerous places,” Norrod said. “Something that’s narrowed down, you know washed out on the ... Read More »

Putnam Rescue Squad Training For Submerged Vehicles Underwater

Putnam County Swift Water Rescue Squad members are in Texas training for swift water rescue tactics to improve response. EMA Director Tyler Smith said unfortunately the training had to be postponed in February, because the skills could have been used this weekend. Smith said it is better late than never, because water rescues have been more common over the last ... Read More »

Cumberland River Water Levels Expected To Recede Quickly

There is a positive outlook on river water levels in Jackson County following the weekend’s flooding. National Weather Service Lead Forecaster Mark Richards said the Cumberland River reached 22 feet in Jackson County, but has already begun to recede. Richards said even with more rain in the mid-week forecast, he does not expect the river level to be seriously impacted. ... Read More »

Normal To Feel Distress During Spring Storms

Thursday’s possible severe weather may be causing you more apprehension than normal. Tennessee Tech Licensed Professional Counselor Shonta Kyees said it is common for such a reaction in the aftermath of last year’s tornado. Kyees said fears vary on exactly why a storm causes distress, but we should focus on what we can and cannot control. “We can’t control when ... Read More »

Algood Regulations Preventing Flooding Could Be Addressed

Algood is experiencing flooding issues in the south and around Cooper Road. Building Inspector Bob Lane said the time has come to consider strengthening the water retention and detention pond regulations in flood prone areas. Lane said water runoff is supposed to remain the same before and after construction. “As you continue to get growth and you take pervious areas ... Read More »