Wednesday, February 1, 2023
Happening Now

Weekend Rain Should Help Dry Conditions In White Co.

After a dry start to the week, Sparta residents should be able to receive burn permits starting Monday.

Sparta Fire Chief Kirk Young said Friday’s rain and the forecasted weekend rain should make conditions safer for outdoor burns. He said they use several avenues to inform the decision on whether or not to issue burn permits.

“Get a call in from the State Forestry Division to check out to see what they recommend, what they’re doing,” Young said. “And we drive around the city limits of Sparta to make sure it is safe to burn and the wind is very instrumental in us giving a burn permit.”

EMA Director Matt McBride said he expects the rest of the county to have the capability for burn permits as well. However, McBride said it will depend on confirmation and instruction from the Department of Forestry.

Young said the weather gets colder and more people will have outdoor fires, it’s important to remain vigilant whether the fire is recreational or for brush clean up.