Tuesday, May 24, 2022
Happening Now

Temperatures Aloft Caused A Less Than Expected Sunday Snow Total

Five to nine inches of snow were expected across the Upper Cumberland Sunday, but the atmosphere had a different plan.

National Weather Service Nashville Forecaster Scott Unger said rainfall before the Sunday snowfall made for less snow amounts.

“Just took time enough for the atmosphere to become right for snow to fall,” Unger said. “The rain went out in the morning, and once the atmosphere got right, we got snow in the Cookeville area.”

Unger said above freezing temperatures aloft made for more rain.

“It’s not just the temperatures that are going on at the surface,” Unger said. “A lot of folks forget we work in three dimensions. So what’s going aloft, and the temperatures aloft play a big role.”

Unger said rain is expected to return to the Cookeville area Wednesday with potential of a mild winter mix Thursday night.