Monday, September 25, 2023
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Tech Professor Preparing For 2024 Cicada Return

A Tech Horticulturist is preparing detterents to test on the two-year cicada emergence starting in 2024. Professor Douglas Airhart provided evaluations and reports for tree damage in the 2008 and 2011 cicada invasions. He said the cicadas damaged millions of dollars in nurseries and crops. Airhart said that got his interest. He said he maintained this interest with an eye ... Read More »

TTU’s Julie Baker Recognized With OVC’s Outstanding Faculty Award

Tennessee Tech Professor Julie Baker recognized with the OVC’s inaugural Outstanding Faculty Commitment to Student Success Award. The Associate Dean of the School of Education has served at Tech for some 17 years. She said student success begins with the social connections students build in Putnam County. Baker said one student stuck with her. “So I walked with him that ... Read More »

Concern About Bank Struggles Should Not Create Concern About Individuals’ Finances

Concern about the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank should not drive individuals to participate in bank runs. That’s according to Tennessee Tech Finance Associate Professor Alma Nunez. She said the concern about banks failing and withdrawing funds can actually lead to the failure of the banks themselves. “What we have now is called deposit insurance,” Nunez said. “So the ... Read More »

Highs And Lows For Tennessee Tech Basketball Fans Over The Weekend

Tennessee Tech basketball fans experienced highs and lows this weekend with the men’s team’s overtime loss and the women’s team’s OVC Tournament win. Athletic Director Mark Wilson said the men’s team losing after thinking they had a game-winning shot was “heartbreaking” for fans in Evansville. He said he had never had a locker room more silent than after that game ... Read More »

Small Asteroid Detected Before Entering Earth’s Atmosphere Monday

A rare event occurred in Europe in the early morning hours Monday when an asteroid was detected before even entering the earth’s atmosphere. Dr. Steve Robinson is Tennessee Tech’s Physics and Astronomy Chair. He said the event is significant due to the size of the asteroid itself. “It’s because it’s so small,” Robinson said. “If you imagine a thing that’s ... Read More »

Former Van Buren Ag Ext Agent Will Lead UT Extension Central Region

Former Van Buren County Ag Extension Agent and Tennessee Tech Alumni Chris Hicks named the UT Extension Central Region Director. Hicks said he wants to be a mentor for the next generation of extension agents and county directors. “I’ve spent my career serving but to do it in a new role,” Hicks said. “We are a service, people-orientated organization. Our ... Read More »

TTU Professor Says Ozone Healing Is 40 Years In The Making

A Tennessee Tech professor says this week’s United Nations report concerning the healing of the Earth’s ozone layer has been almost 40 years in the making. Dr. Lauren Michel is a paleoclimatology professor. She said the healing process began when countries around the world created the Montreal Protocol, effectively banning the harmful substance known as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). She said CFCs ... Read More »

TTU Professor Releases Book About 1867 Train Robbery, Murder

A Tennessee Tech journalism professor may have revealed a new finding in a 1867 train robbery that lead to murder. Dr. Russ Witcher’s new book “Going Home to Die No More,” tells the story of Union Captain William King. King was was hanged as an accomplice to the murder of his brother but proclaimed his innocence. While reviewing the court ... Read More »

Wednesday Will Be The Shortest Day Of The Year

Wednesday will be the shortest day of the year as the season officially transitions to winter. Tennessee Tech Physics Department Chair Steve Robinson said the Northern Hemisphere is at its furthest point away from the sun making for a short number of daylight hours. “In our sky the sun seems to move up and down over the course of the ... Read More »