Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Tech Named Arboretum For Diverse Tree Population

The Tennessee Urban Forestry Council has named Tennessee Tech’s campus a level-two arboretum for its diverse tree population.

Tennessee Tech Sustainability Manager DeLayne Miller said the 270-acre campus is home to some 1,200 trees of some 90 different species. Miller said even with new construction on campus, natural green spaces and environmental sustainability remain key values for the university.

Miller said the Tennessee Tech Biology Department helped secure the designation by creating the university’s tree inventory with a GIS mapping. Miller said this helps ensure trees are properly identified and receive proper care and maintenance.

Each year since 2019, Tech has been recognized as a “Tree Campus USA” by the Arbor Day Foundation. The campus also includes a pair of 300-year-old Post Oaks trees that are considered “Landmark and Historic Trees” by the TUFC.