Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Cumberland Homesteads Tower Museum To Receive New Roof With Grant

The Cumberland Homesteads Tower Museum will get a new roof, thanks to a $100,000 grant from the Tennessee State Museum. Museum Manager Ren Sexton said the roof has been susceptible to leaks over the past few years, but the museum did not have the funds to replace it. Sexton said that like all old historical buildings, the problem will only ... Read More »

Old Dogwood Park Christmas Tree Called Into Service For One More Year

Get your last looks, the Dogwood Park Christmas tree will be replaced after this year. Director of Leisure Services Rick Woods said the city ordered a new tree with the intent of using it this Christmas, but the tree the city received was wrong. Woods said the color of the lights on the new tree was among the tree’s greatest ... Read More »

Applications Coming In, Sparta Searching For New Senior Center Manager

Sparta has begun the process of searching for applicants with event-planning backgrounds and sociable dispositions to manage its Senior Center. Sparta Mayor Jerry Lowery said a new Senior Center Board will be appointed on January 1, and will immediately begin sifting through applications. Lowery said there is no timeline for the new hire, but the board will move swiftly to ... Read More »

Putnam Schools Building Partnerships To Fill Gaps For Students In Need

The Putnam County School System is working to build connections between the PEP Foundation and local businesses to provide resources for students and teachers. Director of Schools Corby King told members of the Joint Economic Development Board Tuesday that the Putnam Education Partnership functions almost like a booster club for the entire school system. King said the Foundation has worked ... Read More »

UCHRA Super Distribution To Serve Increased Volume Of Food In December

UCHRA is giving out some four times the normal amount of food during its December distributions. Community Services Program Manager Judy Sanchez said they have received extra food through the USDA Commodities Program. Sanchez said vegetables, nuts, beef, and salmon will be available for pickup during events. “All this extra food is going out into the community to all of ... Read More »

Monterey Alderman To Consider Tax Relief For Shopping Center

A shopping center owner asked the Monterey Aldermen for a break on his property tax bill because the property is frequently used for town events. Brad Vaughn told the Aldermen Monday night that the shopping center parking lot containing a Dollar General and Monterey Drugs is used for almost all town park activities. The property is located off Elmore Street ... Read More »

Cookeville High Cracking Down On Driving And Parking Lot Procedures

Cookeville High Administrators want to keep campus safer by paying closer attention to student driving procedures. Dean of Students Claudia Zavala said that in order to purchase a parking pass, students must provide a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance. Zavala said during parking lot checks, administrators have noticed some vehicles without a sticker, often because the student does ... Read More »

Cookeville To Combine Gas And Electric Departments

Cookeville City Council will vote Thursday night to create a new Department of Energy by merging the city’s Gas and Electric Departments. City Manager James Mills told the Council during a Monday work session that the new department would operate under one Director with Operational Superintendents for the separate divisions of electric and gas. “For all intents and purposes, they’ll ... Read More »

Monterey Alderman Create Committee To Select Rail Trail Project Engineers

Monterey Alderman approved the formation of a new committee to evaluate the five plans submitted to engineer a rail trail extension project. Cultural Administrator Rafferty Cleary said the five-year project will extend the town’s rail trail, add sidewalks, and address drainage at Monterey’s Whitaker Park. Cleary said the project will be funded by a grant from the T-DOT Transportation Alternatives ... Read More »

Cumberland County Resident To Speak At Pearl Harbor On 82nd Anniversary

Cumberland County’s Dr. Arthur John Lendo will speak for the second straight year at the Pearl Harbor Commemoration Ceremony in Honolulu this week. Lendo said the attacks on Pearl Harbor are a largely forgotten moment in history. His presentation “The Cost of Freedom is High” aims to remind people of the impact of December 7, 1941. “I’m sorry to say ... Read More »