Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Putnam Schools Bidding Out CTE Barn For Vet Science

Putnam County Schools looking to bid a barn that would provide real-world experience for Upperman High School’s Veterinarian and Animal Science CTE Program.

Putnam County Schools CTE Supervisor Jackie Vester said the barn is part of the third year of the system’s Innovative School Models Grant Program. She said animals provided by the school’s agriculture teachers could live on-site and function as educational resources. She said farm animals from local supporters could be brought in for specific labs and lessons.

“It’s going to allow students even more opportunities to engage in vet and animal science with hands-on opportunities,” Vester said. “Any time in CTE that we can provide real-world opportunities, then that’s what we want to do.”

Vester said the students from Upperman’s Structural Systems Construction class could help hook up utilities and build the stalls inside the barn. She said she hopes to have a bid on the next board meeting agenda and have construction underway during the coming school year.

“Not anything too huge or complex,” Vester said. “We’re hoping to do a post-frame construction barn.”

She said agriculture teachers and their students would be responsible for maintaining the animals while on site. She said that she is excited to have so many sectors of the school’s CTE program and Work-Based Learning working together on the project.

“That’s always our goal,” Vester said. “Whether it’s in our agriculture programs, or any of our programs, if we can get students real-life experience and transferable skills that go into the industry, then that’s a win.”

She said this barn was part of the vision when the Innovative Schools Model Grant proposal was written. She said this would go a long way in expanding the Veterinarian and Animal Science Program.