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North Smithville Tornado Labeled EF1; 100 Mile Winds

100-mile-per-hour winds blew through Smithville Monday evening as an EF-1 tornado left trees down and a handful of homes damaged. National Weather Service Lead Forecaster Sam Shamburger said tornadoes this size are fairly common in the Upper Cumberland. He said this one did not move very fast, traveling 3.3 miles in some 10 minutes. He said the storm pulsed, gaining ... Read More »

Tech Named Arboretum For Diverse Tree Population

The Tennessee Urban Forestry Council has named Tennessee Tech’s campus a level-two arboretum for its diverse tree population. Tennessee Tech Sustainability Manager DeLayne Miller said the 270-acre campus is home to some 1,200 trees of some 90 different species. Miller said even with new construction on campus, natural green spaces and environmental sustainability remain key values for the university. Miller ... Read More »

Cicadas To Emerge Next Month After 13-Year Absence

Broods of cicadas are expected to emerge throughout the Upper Cumberland next month after spending 13 years underground. Jackson County Agriculture Extension Agent Dill Hughes said the two separate broods operate on 13 and 17-year cycles respectively. He said due to the Upper Cumberland’s location and climate, we often see the emergence of both. He said despite the bad rap, ... Read More »

Standing Stone Nature Rally Friday and Saturday

Standing Stone State Park will host its annual Nature Rally this weekend to educate visitors on the Upper Cumberland’s natural resources. Park Ranger Jonathan Williams said the rally will include presentations from nature experts and live animal shows. He said visitors can take to the trails for guided hikes or opt to stay indoors and learn about the history of ... Read More »

Strong Winds, Downed Trees, Power Outages Across Upper Cumberland

Strong winds from Monday night’s storms left trees down and power out in several communities across the Upper Cumberland. A survey of Emergency Service officials noted a tree down on a house on 20th Street in Cookeville. Putnam County residents also experienced power outages from Volunteer Energy, UCEMC, and Cookeville Electric. Overton County Schools are closed on Tuesday due to ... Read More »

End Of Winter Best Time To Prune Trees

Now is the time to prune back your trees according to Cookeville Electric Department. Forester Jeff Fitzpatrick said pruning trees can help keep power lines safe and prevent damage to the electric system. He said the best time of year is the end of winter. “During the fall of the year, as the sap goes down you get weeping and ... Read More »

Cookeville Planning Approves Old Kentucky Commons PCD Plan Relative To Screening

Cookeville Planning Commission has approved an amendment to the Planned Commerical Development screening requirements at Old Kentucky Commons. Planning Director Jon Ward said when the city council approved the PCD for Food City in 2019, they also set forth screening requirements that would protect the privacy of Bilbrey Park residents. “The area in question contains some existing, mature trees and ... Read More »

Putnam EMA Offering Assistance, Survey For Tornado Damages

Putnam County EMA is reaching out the community to assist with damages from Friday’s EF-0 tornado. The County EMA Facebook page has a survey posted for those affected. The survey is to help gather damage information and let the agency know who needs help cleaning up. Here is a link to get connected with the Putnam County Emergency Management Agency ... Read More »

Homeowners Need To Check For Emerald Ash Borer

This week is Emerald Ash Borer Awareness Week, and experts are asking homeowners to pay attention to their trees and the pests that affects them. Ash trees are commonly found in the Upper Cumberland. Cookeville Urban Forester Jaime Nunan said that invasive species is fatal for trees if not caught early. “There are 10 million ash trees in the urban ... Read More »

Caring for Dogwood Trees Requires Vigilance

With the arrival of warm spring days comes the arrival of the dogwood tree blooms. Dogwoods are trees native to Tennessee, and the flowering dogwood brings beauty to landscapes across the state. Warren County Agricultural Extension Agent Heath Nokes said to keep the trees healthy, watch for things like fungal or insect-type disease. “When the tree gets stressed then their ... Read More »