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Tennessee Tech’s CEROC Names Interim Director

Doug Talbert has been named the interim director for Tennessee Tech’s Cybersecurity Education, Research and Outreach Center. Talbert takes over the role from Ambareen Siraj, who was taken a job with the National Science Foundation. Talbert joined the Department of Computer Science in 2002. Talbert emphasized that while CEROC’s leadership has changed, its goals remain the same. These include providing ... Read More »

TTU Men’s Tennis Becomes Affiliate Member Of Horizon League

Tennessee Tech has partnered with the Horizon League to ensure its men’s tennis team gets a chance to compete in the NCAA tournament. Usually, conference champions get an automatic bid to participate at the national level. Athletic Director Mark Wilson said the Ohio Valley Conference has fallen below the team pre-requisite in men’s tennis. “If they win the Ohio Valley ... Read More »

Tennessee Tech Puts Putnam Students First With Early Application

Tennessee Tech giving Putnam County residents early access to admission applications through its third annual Putnam First program. Karen Lykins is the Interim Vice President for Enrollment Management and Career Placement. She said that there are several advantages to letting Putnam County students have that early access. “Tennessee Tech is home, that’s a natural place to go,” Lykins said. “We ... Read More »

TTU Adds Beach Volleyball Starting Next Spring Season

Tennessee Tech bringing a 15th varsity sport to the university: beach volleyball. Athletic Director Mark Wilson said games will begin in the spring of next year. Wilson said female enrollment has increased, so the addition keeps the university in compliance with Title 9. “It’s a partnership with the Ohio Valley Conference with the other institutions that support the sport of ... Read More »

TTU Adds New Hall North Roof Replacement To Project List

A roof replacement of New Hall North has been placed on Tennessee Tech’s disclosed project list. Capital Projects and Planning Director Jim Cobb said this is a preliminary planning action for an aging roof. It means the university has a two-year period to activate the project. “We go through the approval, get a designer appointed and do the design on ... Read More »

TTU College Of Fine Arts Seeking Approval For BS Degree In Studio Arts

Tennessee Tech’s College of Fine Arts hoping to roll out a new Bachelor of Science degree in its studio arts program. Dean Jennifer Shank said that the degree will allow a little more flexibility for those looking for a degree in arts. She said that the current degree offered is a bachelor of fine arts. “Which is a more specialized ... Read More »

TTU Will Not Increase Tuition For Upcoming School Year

Tennessee Tech tuition and fees will not increase for the 2022-2023 school year. Board of Trustees Chair Trudy Harper said funding in the state’s budget allowed the decision. “A zero tuition increase helps students and families keep their budgets in check,” Harper said. “At the same time, the state understood the funding required to maintain and improve Tech’s ability to ... Read More »

TTU Alumni Competing On “Forged In Fire” Tonight

A Tennessee Tech alumni will make his television debut Wednesday in the newest episode of “Forged with Fire.” Four bladesmiths compete in a three-round elimination contest to forge bladed weapons, with the overall winner receiving $10,000. Blacksmith Joshua Foran said he always had an interest in making things with his hands, but he first got into metal work about four ... Read More »

TTU Business Dean Sees Interest Rate Increase Leading To Economic Correction

Tennessee Tech Business College Dean Tom Payne said the interest rate increase issued by the Federal Reserve means a tough economy in the near future. Interest was increased three-quarters of a percentage point in an attempt to combat inflation. It is the sharpest height since 1994. Payne said the move will result in interest rates going up across the board, ... Read More »

Oldham: Proposed City Donation For Stadium Project Right On Target

Tennessee Tech President Phil Oldham said the $100,000 donation to the university in Cookeville’s proposed budget hits the mark. Oldham approached the city council earlier this year seeking financial support for Tucker Stadium renovations. Oldham said the project fits the synergistic relationship between the city and university. “It’s one of the areas of campus that attracts a lot of outside ... Read More »