Friday, December 2, 2022
Happening Now

Oldham Receives “Outstanding” Performance Review, Trustees Approve Raise

Tennessee Tech President Phil Oldham received a six percent raise and high praise from his latest performance evaluation.

Vice-Chair Teresa Vanhooser told the Board of Trustees Thursday that Oldham ranked highly on achieving goals and leadership efforts. Trustee Tom Jones commented on Oldham’s leadership following the Board of Trustees’ approval Thursday.

“I really think the president is doing a great job navigating through some difficult waters,” Jones said. “I really appreciate all your efforts. You’re deserving of not only this but much more, but I think this is appropriate.”

The evaluation was conducted by the Board members.

“The review that we had was outstanding, The feedback that we got was all very good,” Vanhooser said.

Earlier this year, the Board signed a new contract with Oldham extending his employment until 2028. The contract set Oldham’s salary at $375,000 with yearly retention bonuses.