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TTU Counseling Center Still Seeing Large Need From Students

Tennessee Tech’s Counseling Center still seeing a large need for services from its students. Director Christina Mick said there was an influx during COVID, and the need is ongoing. “There is a mental health crisis on college campuses nationwide and it’s linked to COVID among other things,” Mick said.  “But the number one things colleges nationwide are seeing are an ... Read More »

TTU Working To Set Up Wind Tunnel At Crossville Location

Tennessee Tech working to set up its new large low-speed wind tunnel at its Crossville location after receiving it last week. The TTU Foundation purchased some four acres of land and existing structures in Crossville to be used for both research and instruction. Mechanical Engineering Assistant Professor Ahamd Vaselbehagh said the tunnel will allow researchers to test the aerodynamics of ... Read More »

TTU Celebrates New Graduating Class With Three Alumni Speakers

Tennessee Tech celebrating the graduation of over 800 students at its commencements Friday. President Phil Oldham said the undergraduate class covers 39 different fields of study. Oldham said the students come from 72 counties, 18 different states and 20 other countries. “You are prepared,” Oldham said. “You are set to get a great return on the investment you have made ... Read More »

TTU Hosting Two Commencement Ceremonies For Over 800 Students Friday

Over 800 Tennessee Tech students graduate Friday. Tech will host two commencement ceremonies at the Hooper Eblen Center. “It’s one of the best days for students celebrating their accomplishments and the hard work they put into earning their degrees and for families to get to come and watch them celebrate that and see the results of all that hard work ... Read More »

TTU Student Senate Working To Form Stronger Partnership With Local Government

Tennessee Tech’s Student Senate is working to form a stronger partnership with the city of Cookeville and Putnam County. Eli Anderson is the Senate’s Secretary of Government and Policy. He said with the many Tennessee Tech students calling Putnam County home, he believes there is a shared interest in meeting the needs of students. “Part of my job at the ... Read More »

TTU Approves Designers For Building Projects

Tennessee Tech’s taking the next steps on two of its major projects. Capital Projects and Planning Director Jim Cobb said that design company Community Tectonics was selected for renovations at the Johnson Hall building, home of Tennesse Tech’s College of Business. He said the budget for the renovations along with the Foster Hall demolition sits at some $37.6 million. “It’ll ... Read More »

Weather Forecast Moves TTU’s Lighting The Quad To Thursday

Tennessee Tech’s Lighting the Quad event has been postponed to Thursday due to rain. It was originally scheduled for Tuesday. Chief Communication Officer Karen Lykins said even though it will be on a different day, the same festivities will take place. “The historic quad has always been a place where people want to gather,” Lykins said. “It is where people ... Read More »

TTU Eyeing Weather For Tuesday’s Lighting The Quad Event

Tennessee Tech officials watching Tuesday’s forecast to make a final call on its Lighting the Quad event. The annual Christmas decoration lighting on campus is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Tuesday. Chief Communication Officer Karen Lykins said the university should know at midday if the event will take place. Updates will be posted on the university’s homepage as information becomes available. The ... Read More »

Today’s Thanksgiving Meal Influenced By Creation Of “Convenience” Foods

On Thanksgiving, a traditional meal will have turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, and cranberry sauce. But how has the traditional meal changed over time? Tennessee Tech History Instructor Laura Smith said that the main difference comes from the creation of convenience foods. She said canning companies began to print recipes on their products as a marketing strategy. “These companies really ... Read More »