Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Cookeville Gas Department Seeking To Replace Backhoe

Cookeville Gas Department seeking another backhoe to replace its failing one. Director Amber Greenwood said without purchase approval on Thursday, the department expects a five percent cost increase in June. “This backhoe would replace a 2005 John Deer backhoe that has had a host of mechanical issues the past few months,” Greenwood said. “This is not a budgeted item and ... Read More »

Cookeville Gas Director Jeff Mills Recognized Upon Retirement

Cookeville City Council honored long-time Gas Department Director Jeff Mills Thursday night as he approaches his retirement. Mills started as a gas distribution servicer. He became director in 2013. “In 1980 I was hired as a temporary, part-time employee with the department,” Mills said. “42 years later I’m ending up with a great career and a great place to work. ... Read More »

Greenwood To Takeover Role As Cookeville Gas Dept. Director In March

The city of Cookeville has announced Amber Greenwood will take over as the new Gas Department director. City Manager James Mills said that she will assume the position following the retirement of long-time director Jeff Mills. James Mills said that Jeff Mills recently informed him that it was his intention to serve his last day on March 31st, 2022. In ... Read More »

Cookeville Gas Highlighting Natural Gas Safety Tips

Cookeville’s Gas Department wants to highlight safety tips when it comes to natural gas. Compliance Superintendant Roger Phillips said that the notice sent out in utility bills this month is part of an ongoing public awareness program. Phillips said as people begin to turn their gas on for heat, it’s important to know warning signs of a gas leak. “Natural ... Read More »

Cookeville Pilot Automatic Gas Meter Program Pushed Back Without Start Date

Cookeville’s pilot program to install automated gas reader meters has once again been delayed. Gas Department Director Jeff Mills said the budgeted project remains without a start date. “Unfortunately because of the situation that you just mentioned with the tornado and the COVID situation also, we have pushed that pilot program back Mills said the project has been in the ... Read More »

Cookeville To Gain More Access To Gas Pipeline To Accommodate Growth

More demand for natural gas in a growing community led the Cookeville Gas Department explore additional gas transportation capacity. Director Jeff Mills said additional transportation capacity is not purchasing more gas or expanding pipelines, but allowing the city to access more of the pipeline itself. “That’s our greatest concern,” Mills said. “And has been for years is to just get ... Read More »

Cookeville Auto Gas Meter Reader Testings Delayed

The Cookeville Gas Department has faced delays in testing automatic gas readers due to the March tornado and COVID. Director Jeff Mills said the city is still in the planning stages but wants testing to begin before the year ends. “So far, everything has run pretty smooth,” Mills said. “We have been pretty methodical as far as trying to get ... Read More »

Automatic Meter Readers Introduced To Livingston

The city of Livingston is considering a change to automated meter readers for the water and gas departments. The AMR system was presented to the Board of Alderman Tuesday. Mayor Curtis Hayes said the presentation was very informative. “It is just time to look at an automated system,” Hayes said. “The pay off on it will be in about five ... Read More »