Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Cookeville Gas Highlighting Natural Gas Safety Tips

Cookeville’s Gas Department wants to highlight safety tips when it comes to natural gas.

Compliance Superintendant Roger Phillips said that the notice sent out in utility bills this month is part of an ongoing public awareness program. Phillips said as people begin to turn their gas on for heat, it’s important to know warning signs of a gas leak.

“Natural gas is an odorless gas,” Phillips said. “So we odorize the gas here in Cookeville, and we monitor those levels of odorant so people will smell a gas leak before it becomes a hazard.”

Phillips said that outdoor warning signs include bubbling water, dirt blowing up from a broken line, or dead plants near a broken line. He said while the gas itself is non-toxic, it is flammable which is what makes it so dangerous.

Phillips said that the Cookeville Gas Department has servicemen to help with investigating potential gas leaks 24/7.

“Part of our public awareness program also is letting folks know there are gas pipelines running throughout the community. And anytime you have planned excavation at your home or business please always call 811 before you dig and that will allow us to come out and locate our facilities before excavation begins.”

To make the most of your gas usage without greatly affecting your utility bill, Phillips said that the department recommends getting your heating units serviced annually. He said that burners can sometimes get dirty, and having a professional come to service them can help them run more efficiently.