Monday, October 2, 2023
Happening Now

Cookeville Gas Department Seeking To Replace Backhoe

Cookeville Gas Department seeking another backhoe to replace its failing one.

Director Amber Greenwood said without purchase approval on Thursday, the department expects a five percent cost increase in June.

“This backhoe would replace a 2005 John Deer backhoe that has had a host of mechanical issues the past few months,” Greenwood said. “This is not a budgeted item and would require a budget amendment. However, the utility has an adequate cash reserve to accommodate the purchase.”

Greenwood said the department has already spent about $7,500 this year on repairs and they expect to have to replace the fuel pump as well. Greenwood said if approved, they hope the backhoe will be here by October.

City Manager James Mills said previous issues with getting vehicles for departments, such as the Police Department, have started to fade. However, he said that they can not guarantee anything.

“That’s why we’re hopeful to get it, and get our name on it,” Greenwood said.