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TTU Men’s Basketball Game Postponed Due To COVID Protocols

Tennessee Tech Men’s Basketball team lost its third game to COVID protocols. A Thursday match up against Morehead State. Athletic Director Mark Wilson said the team dropped below the requisite number of players established at seven. “Students athletes they want to play, our coaches want to coach and we want to represent Tennessee Tech students, faculty, staff and fans by ... Read More »

Putnam Applying For Almost $500K Grant For COVID Mitigation In Jail

Putnam County will apply for an almost $500,000 grant through the Department of Health for the county jail system. Mayor Randy Porter said that the money will be used to help with COVID mitigation. “To spread the inmates out more, to change out HVAC systems and so forth,” Porter said. “It can only be spent here on our jail system ... Read More »

Staying COVID Safe At Holiday Gatherings

Gathering for the holiday this weekend may require taking some extra precautions with the recent spike in COVID. David Cox is the Livingston Regional Hospital Director of Growth and Outreach. He said that the best thing to do is to get tested if you’re showing signs of symptoms. “To make sure that you don’t expose anyone that you love, anyone ... Read More »

Livingston Aldermen Approve One-Time Bonus For Employees

Livingston city employees who worked during the pandemic will receive a $700 one-time bonus. The Board of Aldermen approved the $56,000 expenditure. Mayor Curtis Hayes said the checks will come out as quickly as possible. “They’ve all had face to face contact with the general public in this pandemic, and so, it’s very deserving,” Hayes said. “We got a little ... Read More »

Investment Advisor Says Impact Of Omicron Variant On Market Short-Term

One Cookeville investment advisor says the volatility of the stock market due to the new COVID strain should not worry long-term investors. Jason Murphy of Diamond Financial Investment Group said while the market experienced the greatest deep ever due to the pandemic, it also saw the greatest rally history later that year. “People are going to make some snap judgement ... Read More »

First Omicron Variant Case Found In U.S.

The first case of the omicron COVID variant was discovered in California on Wednesday, with a high likelihood of more cases already present. Dr. Mark Pierce is an infectious disease physician at Cookeville Regional Medical Center. He said that there is not much known about the newest variant. “The more mutations that it has the less it looks like the ... Read More »

Overton Schools Redoing LA Restrooms With COVID Money

Renovations will be made to all student restrooms of Livingston Academy over Christmas break. Director of Schools Donnie Holman said facilities will be getting a new paint job as well as touchless sinks, new counter tops and stalls. “That’s something that needed attention for quite some time, and we want that to really look better and be better for our ... Read More »

CRMC Updates Visitation Policies For Holiday Season

The approaching holiday season and a low number of in-house COVID patients has caused Cookeville Regional to change its visitation policy. Starting Wednesday, all general, ICU and COVID patients can have one visitor at a time with the option to swap out. Two visitors will be allowed for OB patients, and one visitor with no swap out allowed for the ... Read More »

Monterey Aldermen Approve COVID Bonuses For Employees

Monterey employees that worked through the pandemic will be receiving $4,000 bonuses. The Board of Aldermen approved the one-time payment Monday during a special called meeting. Aldermen Nathan Walker said employee appreciation and the number of city workers was the reasoning behind the amount. “First reason is that A, Monterey we like to take care of our employees,” Walker said. ... Read More »

Monterey Committee Works On COVID Stipends For Employees

Employee bonuses, mental health services, and departmental upgrades could be avenues of spending for Monterey’s ARP funding. The Finance Committee discussed Tuesday the spending of some $850,000 of federal funding. Chairman Nathan Walker said the most pressing item at this time is the employee bonuses for those who worked through the pandemic. “Being equable and try to spread out to ... Read More »