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Putnam COVID Testing And Vaccinations Moving Back To Health Department

COVID vaccinations and testing will move from the Putnam County Fairgrounds back to the County Health Department Wednesday. County Health Director Lisa Bumbalough said the department administers about 32 vaccinations a day, which can be accommodated at the County Services Drive office. “Our goal has been to transition back to the health department when we could really absorb the additional ... Read More »

Cookeville Regional Hoping To Implement More Normalized Visitation Policy

CRMC, Cookeville Regional Medical Center

Cookeville Regional Medical Center beginning to return to normal operations following more than two years of COVID procedures. CEO Paul Korth said new policies will most likely be announced later this week “Case numbers are lower than usual, and as we’ve talked in the past it’s something that we look at every day and every week here,” Korth said. “One ... Read More »

UCHRA No Longer Requiring Masks On Public Transportation

Changes to UCHRA public transportation’s COVID precautions were made Tuesday. “In accordance to the court ruling and the TSA no longer enforcing the federal mask mandate, face masks will no longer be required for our customers and staff members on our public transportation vehicles and facilities,” Transportation Director Holly Montooth said. Montooth said the decision was made after the Transportation ... Read More »

Omicron Subvariant BA2 Not Seeing Huge Surge In United States

After cases of BA2 began to spread widely across Europe, experts here expected to see a similar increase in cases. Bu that surge has not happened yet, according to Cookeville Regional Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Mark Pierce. “Now reasons for that, we aren’t really sure but I suspect it’s probably because so many people have been either vaccinated or have ... Read More »

Putnam Heath Department Offering 2nd COVID Booster

The Putnam County Health Department is now offering the 2nd COVID booster shot at the Putnam County Fairgrounds. Director Lisa Bumbalough said the department has a “sufficient supply” of Pfizer shots. “The folks that are eligible for those are any adult 50 and older and any adult 18 and older who has an immunocompromised immune system,” Bumbalough said. “It also ... Read More »

White County Commissioners Will Consider COVID Bonus And Raise

White County Commissioners will consider a COVID bonus and a five percent raise for general county employees and the highway department at its next meeting. That the result of a budget committee vote Monday night. Committee member Stanley Neal made the motion. “There were some employees that wanted a bonus and wanted a bonus only and there are some employees ... Read More »

White Co Commission Chair Disappointed With COVID Bonus Situation

White County Commission Chair Stanley Neal said he is disappointed with the way the COVID bonus situation has evolved among county employees and the commission. Neal said he feels that all commissioners want to give a bonus but comments by some employees have caused a division. “Things have been said between employees and county commissioners, and its just caused some ... Read More »

COVID Bonuses For White Co Employees Fails In Split Vote

White County Commissioners for now will not provide a COVID bonus to all county employees after a 5-5 split decision vote Monday night. County Commissioner Cain Rogers said the budget committee approved the one-time bonus. “I like the idea of taking care of the folks right now,” Rogers said. “Inflation is rampant, and we’re still dealing with COVID. A lot ... Read More »

CRMC Seeing Lower COVID Numbers, Hoping For Downward Trend

CRMC, Cookeville Regional Medical Center

Cookeville Regional seeing some of the lowest COVID patient numbers in weeks. As of Tuesday morning, the hospital had some 31 patients in its facility. CEO Paul Korth said that he attributes this to the omicron variant running its course. “We’re hoping that we’re starting to trend down,” Korth said. “I’ve been in contact with hospitals throughout the state from ... Read More »

CRMC Not Requesting Shipment Of Antiviral COVID Pills For Now

Cookeville Regional Medical Center will not order shipments of antiviral COVID treatment pills for now. The State Department of Health said in a Tuesday release that bi-weekly drug allocations have increased. Cookeville Regional Pharmacy Director Casey White said the medical center may ask for a shipment if needed. “We have the ability now to request them from the state,” White ... Read More »