Monday, April 22, 2024
Happening Now

Cookeville Regional Hoping To Implement More Normalized Visitation Policy

Cookeville Regional Medical Center beginning to return to normal operations following more than two years of COVID procedures.

CEO Paul Korth said new policies will most likely be announced later this week

“Case numbers are lower than usual, and as we’ve talked in the past it’s something that we look at every day and every week here,” Korth said. “One of the things that we’re looking at is again changing the visitation policy, opening that back up a little bit more.”

Policy changes will likely be implemented next week, Korth said.

COVID numbers have been on the increase nationally over the last several weeks prompting several universities and at least one city, Philadelphia, to change up mask mandate rules.

Korth said that the medical center has also been catching up on elective surgeries after a backlog due to COVID. He said that they’ve had a busy couple of months trying to achieve that catch-up both with surgeries and with regular checkups.

“We’re doing a big media campaign on that right now on telling individuals they need to get back and see their physicians, and do their testings,” Korth said. “And we’re starting to promote that more, and yes we are starting to see increased volumes here at the medical center.”