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CRMC To Buildout New Wound Care Center On Cedar

CRMC, Cookeville Regional Medical Center

The Cookeville Regional Finance Committee voted Tuesday night to move forward with renovations to a building that will house the hospital’s Wound Care Center. CFO Tommye Rena Wells said the estimated cost for the project will not exceed $500,000. CEO Buffy Key said the hospital has been leasing the space from a local medical facility, which needed the space to ... Read More »

CRMC Pet Buddy Program Searching For Volunteers To Expand

CRMC, Cookeville Regional Medical Center

Cookeville Regional’s Pet Buddy Program is looking for volunteers to help expand its services and better support patients. Volunteer Service Coordinator Cyndi Maxwell said they are searching for people who are willing to volunteer their dogs to be used as pet therapy animals. Maxwell said they are looking to expand because they currently have only eight dogs providing the service ... Read More »

CRMC Wants To Hire American Sign Language Interpreter

CRMC, Cookeville Regional Medical Center

Cookeville Regional Medical Center is hiring an American Sign Language interpreter to serve increased demand. Director of Patient Experience Craig Norris said eliminating communication barriers is proven to result in increased patient satisfaction and comfort. He said studies show that better language interpretation decreases adverse medical outcomes and improves adherence to medical advice. “It’s really important that we include everyone,” ... Read More »

CRMC Will Not Postpone Surgeries Amid Low Blood Supply

CRMC, Cookeville Regional Medical Center

Cookeville Regional Medical Center has no plans of canceling or postponing elective surgeries amid low blood inventory across the region. Blood Assurance announced late Thursday they had asked the hospitals served across the region to postpone elective surgeries until the blood supply is replenished. Snow and cold have cancelled blood drives and kept residents from visiting the blood center. A ... Read More »

CRMC ER Wait Times Trending Up Alongside COVID, Flu, RSV Numbers

CRMC, Cookeville Regional Medical Center

Wait times at Cookeville Regional Medical Center’s Emergency Room have trended longer with the extra volume due to flu, COVID, and RSV. White County EMS discussed the growing wait times for arriving ambulances at a County Steering Committee meeting this week. Cookeville Regional Emergency Department Director Samantha McLerran said wait times are constantly fluctuating, making them difficult to anticipate. “There ... Read More »

White County EMS Trying To Avoid Tying Up Units In Cookeville

White County EMS exploring a policy change to allow ambulances to take patients elsewhere when Cookeville Regional has long ER waits. EMS Director Mike Kerr said those picked up by ambulance have the right to choose which hospital to visit, so long as it borders White County. Kerr said CRMC wait times are often well over an hour. “We’ve got ... Read More »

CRMC Sets Visitation Restrictions Amid COVID-19, Flu Spike

CRMC, Cookeville Regional Medical Center

Cookeville Regional Medical Center has implemented visitation restrictions due to surging flu and COVID-19 numbers. Infection Prevention Manager Stephanie Etter said COVID-19 hospitalizations have spiked some 60 percent in the last two weeks. Etter said starting Thursday, people under 16-years-old, and anyone showing signs of illness will not be permitted to visit the hospital. “If they do visit and they’re ... Read More »

Monterey High Installing New Scoreboards For Baseball, Softball Fields

Monterey High School will be getting new scoreboards for its baseball and softball fields, with installation planned before the season. The new scoreboards will be purple and outlined in white with decorative toppers representing the two sports. Athletic Director Ben Novak said the high school received funding from the Putnam County School System to improve its athletic facilities. “The scoreboards ... Read More »

Cookeville Regional Holds Ground Breaking Ceremony For Wing Renovations

CRMC, Cookeville Regional Medical Center

Cookeville Regional held a groundbreaking ceremony Friday for an expansion project that will bring 40 additional beds. The 4 West/5 West project is further along than what a groundbreaking would suggest. Rooms are framed and drywall is up in some places, though some wiring and pipes are still exposed. Chief Executive Officer Buffy Key said the medical center has to ... Read More »

CRMC Undergoing Systems Review To Assess Government Policy Compliance

CRMC, Cookeville Regional Medical Center

Cookeville Regional Medical Center has begun its first systems review under its current Corporate Integrity Agreement. Corporate Compliance Officer Paula Duty told the Board of Trustees Thursday night that an independent review organization will assess the hospital’s adherence to government policies. Duty said senior hospital staff and, potentially, board members can expect to be interviewed as part of the review. ... Read More »