Friday, January 28, 2022
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Jackson Schools Trying To Reach New Agreement With TCAT Hartsville

Jackson County Schools are working on reaching a new agreement with TCAT Hartsville and Macon County Schools on the system’s dual enrollment program. Jackson County Schools Director Kristy Brown said her office was notified last month that the Hartsville campus would not be continuing its long-standing agreement due to rising costs.  “Basically the amount being paid from our schools hasn’t ... Read More »

CRMC To Update Surgical Equipment For Whitney Center

The Cookeville Regional Board of Trustees approved the replacement of two surgical towers for the surgery center on Whitney Thursday night. CEO Paul Korth said that the equipment is the actual cameras and recording devices that a physician would use during an operation. He said that the current equipment is approximately seven years old. “This gets us up to what ... Read More »

Applications Open For Downtown Gainesboro Façade Grants

Property owners in downtown Gainesboro’s historic district will have the opportunity to beautify their façades. Jackson County Chamber of Commerce Director Hope Vargas said that the subgrant program can fund new awnings, doors, or windows, among other things. “We are a historical district so anything that’s going to play into that history,” Vargas said. “And anything that really will just ... Read More »

More Than Half Of Cookeville FD’s Calls Are Medical Response

A majority of Cookeville Fire Department’s calls are not fire responses, but medical responses. Captain Daniel Snyder said that over the last four years, medical response calls have increased from 57 percent to 65 percent. He said that he attributes that to manpower. “You know we have the same training as the EMS does,” Snyder said. “Sometimes they may be ... Read More »

Main Street McMinnville Welcomes Jennifer Flatt Meredith As New Executive Director

Main Street McMinnville has announced its new executive director. Jennifer Flatt Meredith said that through her work with the Warren County Chamber of Commerce, she came to get involved with Main Street McMinnville. She said that her goal is to further strengthen and grow the community. “To continue to help McMinnville flourish and grow,” Meredith said. “But honestly, some of ... Read More »

Putnam County Audit Saw One Minor Finding With School System

One finding in the Putnam County annual audit. The county audit committee discussed the finding at its Thursday morning meeting. County Commissioner Ben Rodgers said that the Putnam County School System had a minor issue in its audit report. “You got to bid out projects that are over $25,000 and one project turned into a couple more projects of the ... Read More »

UCHRA Recipient Of $90K TDOT Grant For Public Transportation

TDOT has selected UCHRA as the recipient of a $90,000 grant under the IMPROVE Transit Investment Grant Program. UCHRA Public Transportation Director Holly Montooth said that the money will be used to purchase two electric vehicles and the charging infrastructure needed to charge them. She said that the addition of these vehicles will be the first step into learning how ... Read More »

Fire On Chester King Road Results In Loss Of Detached Garage

A structure fire on Chester King Road in Putnam County has resulted in the total loss of a detached garage. Chief Tom Brown said his department was dispatched around 2:45 this morning to respond to the call. “The roof had already collapsed,” Brown said. “We basically just extinguished the fire from there, there wasn’t much we could do with it. ... Read More »

Art Circle Public Library Named A Top User In E-Checkout State Program

The Art Circle Public Library patrons are some of the biggest users of the state’s library downloading system. The Regional eBook and Audiobook Download System, or R.E.A.D.S., is a way for users to electronically check out digital copies of library inventory. Library Deputy Director Kristen Tabor said that the library saw some 116,587 downloads last year. “We do have a ... Read More »

Coyote Sightings In Algood Not Unusual This Time Of Year

An increase in coyote sightings has been reported around Algood. TWRA Outreach and Communications Coordinator Mime Barnes said that the sightings are not unusual for this time of year. She said that this is the time of year when coyotes tend to be more active. “Not only is it mating season for coyotes, but this is also a time of ... Read More »