Monday, April 22, 2024
Happening Now

Jackson Co. Fairgrounds Upgrades Nearing Completion

Upgrades to Jackson County’s Fairgrounds are nearing completion after almost two years in the making.

County Mayor Randy Heady said he is thrilled to announce that there are just a few final touches. He said the county has once again started talks about the potential to bring back the county fair in some capacity, whether it is a full-on fair or some type of agricultural fair.

“At least bringing back the old time fair that I remember from when I was a kid, that was what we were trying to put together, and then of course the pandemic happened and squashed all of that,” Heady said. “Now there is interest back in that. That’s not a lift that I can do, but if people want to do that lift I will help them.”

Heady said the fairground upgrades include new handicap-accessible bathrooms, new outside bathrooms, new HVAC, and new lighting. He said if there is money left over in the budget, they would like to do some more minor upgrades if possible.

Heady said that the fairgrounds are also officially open for renovations. He said there are new rules to go along with reservations this time because the facility is so upgraded.

“I mean this is two years in the making we’re talking about,” Heady said. “I am just so excited about the fact that I can finally say we are just about done.”