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Engineer Work On White County Bridge May Cause Some Closures

Roberts Matthew Highway Bridge over Post Oak Creek in White County will experience closures or lane reductions starting Monday. Financial Director Chad Marcum said engineers will be studying the feasibility of replacing the bridge over the next two weeks. “They need to access underneath the bridge to do some burrowing for geotechnical investigation just to make sure that when we ... Read More »

Putnam Mayor Identifies Bridges That Need Replacement In Grant Application

Putnam County applying for transportation grant funding to create a 10-year improvement plan. Mayor Randy Porter said up to $1 million could be awarded that would start the process for some bridge replacements. “We have one on county farm road, and one off of Highway 70 East that’s going to need to be replaced at some point in the near ... Read More »

White Co Studying Bridge Replacement At Putnam County Line

The White County Commission has approved $160,000 to start the engineering phase for a bridge replacement project. County Executive Denny Wayne Robinson said the state has indicated that the bridge at the White and Putnam County line has outlived its use. “Two or three years ago we replaced a bridge there on the Old Roberts Matthew Highway, the old 111,” ... Read More »

Fall Creek Falls Park Builds New Bridge On Woodland Trail

Fall Creek Falls Woodland Trail has been repaired after flood waters washed away an existing bridge last year. Assistant Park Manager Robert Becker said visitors can now safely cross Cane Creek on the park’s most popular trail. “Our maintenance team is really the heart of this project,” Becker said. “What they did was they built these huge concrete abutments and ... Read More »

T-DOT Offers Crossville Price On Small Parcel To Repair Bridge

T-DOT has offered Crossville some $16,000 for some land to complete a bridge repair project. The bridge is located on Sparta Highway going towards the city’s wastewater facility. City Manager Greg Wood said the state wants to purchase some 4,200 square feet. “They’re going to widen the bridge and do improvements to the bridge, but they’re also going to do ... Read More »

Sparta’s Carter Street Light Project Aiming For Winter Finish

Sparta’s Carter Street and pedestrian bridge will soon have new lighting. The Board of Aldermen approved the purchase of materials for 29 light locations Thursday. Public Works Director Dillard Quick said the in-house installation should be completed this winter. “This lights up the bridge. This lights up the walking path from the cemetery down to the bridge,” Quick said. “Then, ... Read More »

Putnam Co. Road Department Bidding Out Bob Lynn Rd. Bridge Replacement

The Putnam County Road Department accepting bids to replace the Bob Lynn Road bridge over Mill Creek. Road Supervisor Randy Jones said the goal to restabilize the bridge by installing a stone foundation for new footers. “Over the years these large rains have come through and got to eating our under the footers, and it is causing the bridge to ... Read More »

Fentress Waits To Allocate $642,000 To Highway Department

Fentress County voted to take no action Monday night on allocating all $642,000 of Governor Lee’s Infrastructure grant to the highway department. The highway department was short $219,000 on gas and motor fuel tax revenue, however commissioners did not want to take action without guidance on how the money could be spent. County Executive Jimmy Johnson said that while state ... Read More »

Carr Creek Bridge Expected To Complete May 31

Overton County acknowledged the receipt for $700,000 borrowed for the Carr Creek Bridge Project Monday night. County Commissioner and Highway Department Administrative Director Darwin Clark said the $2.2 million bridge is going to be fully reimbursed. Clark said crews are working five days a week to have the project finished by May 31. “Between September and May has not been ... Read More »

Lane Closures Scheduled for I-40 in Cumberland County

There will be night time lane closures in Cumberland County on I-40 for bridge repair. This is for bridges over Highway 70 at mile marker 328.5. The work is scheduled to cause lane closures Sunday through Wednesday for milling and paving on both eastbound and westbound lanes. At this time there is a lane shift on eastbound I-40 near mile ... Read More »