Wednesday, May 25, 2022
Happening Now

T-DOT Offers Crossville Price On Small Parcel To Repair Bridge

T-DOT has offered Crossville some $16,000 for some land to complete a bridge repair project.

The bridge is located on Sparta Highway going towards the city’s wastewater facility. City Manager Greg Wood said the state wants to purchase some 4,200 square feet.

“They’re going to widen the bridge and do improvements to the bridge, but they’re also going to do some drainage work in there,” Wood said. “So, they want a little more space because of that.”

Wood said the city engineer has worked with T-DOT to ensure the slope to the public works area stays maintained. Wood said fencing for the area is also included in the purchase price.

The land purchase will be up for consideration at next week’s city council meeting.