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Steak Cookoff Association Qualifying Competition Coming To Algood

The Steak Cookoff Association is coming to Algood August 7th to host a qualifying steak showdown. Event Sponsor and Algood BBQ and Catering Owner Milt Collins is bringing the event to town. Collins said after hosting a cook off in Georgia, he wanted to introduce the competition to his home. “Algood has got a big beautiful baseball facility and that ... Read More »

Putnam Schools Receive $1.4 Million BEP Estimate Increase Compared To 2020

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Putnam County Director of Schools Corby King said a $1.4 million increase in BEP funding is projected for the system. The system received its first of three BEP Funding estimates from the state on Tuesday. King said the increase from 2020 is exactly the news the system wanted. “Our funding is based on our average daily membership in the school ... Read More »

Algood Ballpark Set To Return To City’s Control On July 1

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The Algood Ballpark is set to be back in the city’s control this summer after the city reached an agreement with Putnam County. Mayor Lisa Chapman Fowler said that they approached the county about taking back the ballpark as part of its plan to form a dedicated parks and recreation department. Fowler said the county was receptive to the request ... Read More »

Algood Apartment Concerns Addressed By City Officials

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The number of apartments coming to Algood has raised concerns among some members of the city council. City Engineer Matthew Tucker said the perception of too many apartments in Algood is affected by where they get built. Tucker said that when you look at the map, apartments make up a small portion of land area. “Because they are, as Tommy ... Read More »

Algood Drafting Ordinance Changes To Address Flooding, Water Detention

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Algood held a special called work session Thursday night to discuss land use, with an emphasis on flooding. The meeting was spurred from a rezoning request that would add a third building to Quarry Run at 299 East Main Street. Building Inspector Bob Lane said ordinance changes are being composed to tackle water detention issues voiced by council members Ron ... Read More »

Native American Heritage Events This Weekend

The Native American Guardians Association is coming to Putnam County this weekend to discuss preserving Native American culture. The Tennessee Freedom Force is hosting the event. Freedom Force President Jeffrey Birdwell said they are having a panel Saturday where Native American leaders of 15 tribes will meet to discuss the eradication of Native American culture and issues facing the Native ... Read More »

Algood Trying To Keep Costs Low For Green Mountain Water Project

Algood is trying to find ways to keep costs low on the Green Mountain Water Project. City Administrator Keith Morrison said one solution is bidding out the project with other sewer and water projects simultaneously. Morrison said the goal is to have bids in and approved in the next three to four months. “I think the biggest challenge is just trying ... Read More »

Algood’s New Fire Equipment First Step To Updating Department

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The Algood Fire Department receiving new gear is a key first step in catching the department up on outdated equipment. Fire Chief Victor Jones said 90 percent of his department’s gear was set to expire within a year. Jones said it is not a matter of technology changing, he said that after nearly a decade the old gear could not ... Read More »

Putnam Property Reappraisals Going Out April 23

Putnam County’s new property reappraisals values set to go out Friday. County Property Assessor Steve Pierce said Putnam County does its reappraisals every five years. Pierce said that this state mandated process is necessary because of the market value changes that can occur between appraisals. “It’s something we go through to bring market values back up to what the current ... Read More »

Putnam Schools Considering Options To Increase School Lunch Participation

Putnam County Schools are considering options to increase student participation during school lunch. Director of Schools Corby King said that he asked to meet with a vendor to gather ideas about creating menus more aligned with what kids want to eat. King said he is not looking to take cafeteria employees off the payroll, but is interested in providing better ... Read More »