Friday, July 19, 2024
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Algood Crews Need Help With Brush Pickup

As residents clean out the tree limbs and brush, Algood Public Works officials said a few extra minutes can make the cleanup easier for city workers.

Public Works Director Walt Bradshaw said brush should be laid out on the curb, out of ditches, away from mailboxes, and clear of fire hydrants and meter boxes. Bradshaw said the free service is a big help to residents without space for a brush burn.

“It is safer and yes, sometimes, the brush piles, they do get pretty big,” Bradshaw said. “And, you know, during the dry season, you don’t want to burn anything like that because it could cause a quick house fire or something like that. It could definitely get out of hand real quick. It’s just much easier for us to pick it up.”

Bradshaw said if possible, cutting larger debris into pieces eight feet long or smaller is a big help.

He said residents should be careful to keep trash like plastics and metals out of their piles. He said crews try to pick up weekly as it becomes more needed during the spring and summer.

“It helps the city out,” Bradshaw said. “It keeps it clean and it just helps the citizens in general just get rid of, you know, dead leaves, dead limbs, and sometimes storm debris.”

Bradshaw said Algood is a small town, but when the crew is limited to one brush truck, the city starts to feel pretty big. He said the department can also cut and haul off downed trees, but if a commercial company cuts up a downed tree, they will be responsible for hauling it away.

“There’s a lot more brush, and like I said, we’re also in the rainy season,” Bradshaw said. “You know, a lot of limbs fall and people put that at the side of the road.”