Friday, July 19, 2024
Happening Now

Algood Awaiting Subcontractor On Tennis Courts

With repaving complete, Algood is waiting for a restriping subcontractor to knock out the finishing touches to its tennis court renovation project.

Parks and Recreation Director Roy Phipps said the paving got behind due to a rainy spring. Now, the project is at a temporary stand-still. He said this is the first step in a series of projects that will include installing lights and replacing fencing at the tennis courts.

“The paving ran longer than we expected because they couldn’t get in for the weather,” Phipps said. “So they finally got that done, and now, you know, you’ve got another subcontractor that’s trying to catch up from bad weather as well. So we’re on the schedule.”

Phipps said once striped, the new courts will accommodate both tennis and pickleball. He said the court had been in disrepair for years and created an unpleasurable playing experience.

“There’s a big outcry for tennis and for pickleball,” Phipps said. “There’s a large pickleball community, and before, it was just tennis courts. So we wanted to address that desire from the public for pickleball use.”

Phipps said lighting replacement will be next on the list once striping is taken care of. He said when the city tried to bid out the entire project, it either attracted bids well out of budget or no bids at all.

“Most paving contractors aren’t electricians and most electricians don’t stripe tennis courts,” Phipps said. “So, we decided to do it in different parts, so next time, when we go to upgrade the electrical, it’ll just be electrical contractors that are interested in it.”

He said he hopes to have the court painted, sealed, and open for use very soon.