Saturday, September 18, 2021
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McMinnville Veterans Event Seeks To Help Veterans With Resource Access

A one-stop shop of resources for veterans and their families.

That’s what organizers are calling McMinnville’s Veterans Resource Day on Thursday, July 29th. Warren County Veterans Service Officer David Smith said the event serves to help veterans learn about all the resources available to them.

“I mean there are things out there that even myself, I’m not aware of or even fully understand what it is they do,” Smith said. “So our idea was to kind of bring it all together under one roof. So a veteran can walk in and if he has a specific question or a need, we’ll have that or somebody who can help them with that.”

Smith said the event will have resources for a variety of things, ranging from mental health to employment. He said there will be several groups from the Veterans Affairs office itself, as well as local veterans businesses.

“There will be people there I think for some legal services,” Smith said. “People there from the Tennessee Department of Veterans Services, I think somebody there from our state representatives. We’ll have people  there to address women’s health issues, homeless services.”

Smith said that its important to him to help veterans get access to the things they need. He said that with a history of service in his family, resources for veterans and their families is a cause near to his heart.

“I’m a veteran, my wife is veteran, my son is veteran, my dad and my grandfather were veterans,” Smith said. “So it’s just something I’ve always been involved in. We owe it to our veterans to give them the best care and the best treatment that we can for their service to our country. So that’s why it’s always been special to me.”

The Veterans Resource Day will be from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Old VFW Building located at 3340 Sparta HWY.