Friday, January 21, 2022
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Tennessee Tech Wellness Fair Highlights Mental Health Resources For Students

Tennessee Tech’s Student Government Association wants to help lift up its fellow students. That’s the idea behind their first-ever Wellness Fair held today in Centennial Plaza. SGA President Aaron Lay said that with the pandemic exasperating general mental health struggles, he and his executive team wanted to normalize discussions on mental health. “There’s a stigma that surrounds mental health on ... Read More »

UCHRA Restructured Policy Council Discuss Needs Across Region

Homelessness, mental health and child care among the most important issues to be tackled by the UCHRA Policy Council. The newly structured group held its first meeting Wednesday. Regional elected officials originally formed the board. Now, 19 members that represent fields like utilities to law enforcement make up the council. Chairman Randy Heady said he thinks the new council will ... Read More »

COVID Causing Adverse Mental Health In Adolescents

18 months into the COVID pandemic and professionals are seeing a major impact on the mental health of adolescents. The CDC recently reported a 24 percent increase in emergency room visits for kids ages 5 to 11 related to mental health emergencies. In kids aged 12-17, there was a 31 percent increase due to depression or anxiety. Local pediatric occupational ... Read More »

McMinnville Veterans Event Seeks To Help Veterans With Resource Access

A one-stop shop of resources for veterans and their families. That’s what organizers are calling McMinnville’s Veterans Resource Day on Thursday, July 29th. Warren County Veterans Service Officer David Smith said the event serves to help veterans learn about all the resources available to them. “I mean there are things out there that even myself, I’m not aware of or ... Read More »

PCSS Social Emotional Wellness Coordinator Reviews First Year

Friday concludes the Putnam County school year for its Social Emotional Wellness Coordinator. Shelia Barker said it was quite a year to start helping with the school staff. Barker said being in-person from the beginning was a big help. “I think teachers have done a great job trying to do their best with the curriculum and providing for needs of ... Read More »

Younger Students Experiencing Mental Health Needs During Pandemic

The Putnam County School system is seeing younger and younger students experiencing mental health issues. Director of Schools Corby King said having a $250 million dollar investment from the state into student mental health services will help expand what the system already does. King said this issue predates the pandemic, but has been heightened during it. “We are fortunate in ... Read More »

Normal To Feel Distress During Spring Storms

Thursday’s possible severe weather may be causing you more apprehension than normal. Tennessee Tech Licensed Professional Counselor Shonta Kyees said it is common for such a reaction in the aftermath of last year’s tornado. Kyees said fears vary on exactly why a storm causes distress, but we should focus on what we can and cannot control. “We can’t control when ... Read More »

Mental Health Liaison Coming To Overton Co. Schools

The Overton County School System will have a new mental health liaison after this spring break. This comes from an expansion of the state’s Behavioral Health Liaison program last year. Interim Director of Schools Donnie Holman said the position will work hand in hand with students and staff for any counseling needs. “They’ll help our students to be successful in ... Read More »

Counseling Dynamics Changing For Tech Students

Tennessee Tech’s Counseling Department is seeing two distinct changes among its student population. Assistant Director of Counseling Services Dr. Christina Mick said the stigma around acknowledging mental health is decreasing, and the use of counseling services are increasing. Mick said during a previous grant report, statistics showed a 160 percent increase in services. “There’s also an increase in anxiety and ... Read More »

Tech Adds WellTrack App For Student’s Mental Health

Tennessee Tech has another online tool to help promote mental health for its students. Assistant Director of Counseling Services Dr. Christina Mick said the app WellTrack helps monitor day-to-day wellness, provides mental health screening and mood trackers. Mick said using WellTrack is about Tech continuing to fill any remaining gaps and preventing mental health crises. “There’s a direct link, a ... Read More »