Monday, March 18, 2019
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Volunteer Wine Awarded Compliance Certificate

The City of Livingston may see the opening of a new liquor store in the coming months. City Attorney John Meadows said the owner of Volunteer Wine and Spirits Daniel Elder passed all legal evaluations. “As far as I know he is compliant with the law. He passed the background investigation,” Meadows said. “The last requirement impendent to him obtaining ... Read More »

TN Scam Ranking “No Surprise” to Crossville Police Captain

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ranks Tennessee as the fifth-leading state for fraud and scam complaints with over $18 million lost last year. Crossville Police Captain Brian Eckelson said the report comes as no surprise. “Honestly it’s no surprise with the amount of reports we get,” Eckelson said. “Attempts and actual scams that go through and cost people money, it’s ... Read More »

Remote Area Medical To Offer Services in Cookeville

Remote Area Medical (RAM) will host a free clinic in Cookeville this weekend. Media Relations Specialist Robert Lambert said RAM came to Cookeville in 2018. “So last year we served 778 with either dental, vision, or medical care,” Lambert said. “That came to about $412,000 in free care. That was just last year.” RAM began serving the Cookeville area in 2016.  ... Read More »

Baxter To Continue Utilizing County Dispatch

The City of Baxter will not break from Putnam County Sheriff’s Department dispatch services. Police Chief Danny Holmes said the departments have a good relationship. “We work very well with Sheriff Eddie Farris and his deputies. I know there is a lot of traffic on the radio at this time, but the Sheriff is trying to fix that,” Holmes said. ... Read More »

Baxter to Accept Garbage Cans, Truck Bids

Baxter will begin accepting sealed bids in the coming weeks for a garbage truck and citywide garbage cans. Mayor John Martin said the council wants to eliminate the certain costs to the city. “It’s pretty bad when you have a municipality and all your garbage is thrown out on the street in bags. We just want to clean all that ... Read More »

Baxter Looks to Double City Population in 2019

Baxter City officials hope to double or triple the city population before the 2020 census. Mayor John Martin said Baxter will continue to talk with housing developers. “We are still looking at the Titan Project, which possibly if all that works out, will be 360 apartments,” Martin said. “The statement I made, if everything works the way we hope it goes, we will ... Read More »

Cookeville Woman Arrested for Assaulting Officer

A Cookeville woman faces multiple charges after assaulting a police officer Friday. Cookeville Police arrested 27-year-old Catherine Marie Brown for assault and resisting arrest. Officers made contact with Brown during a public intoxication arrest at Wooly’s Club House. Arrest warrants indicate that Brown came up behind the officer and began yelling. Authorities told Brown to step away multiple times. After ... Read More »

Caudill Faces Charge of Exploitation of Minor

Cookeville Police announced Friday the arrest of a Cookeville man for sexual exploitation of a minor. Authorities charged 40-year-old Christopher Dale Caudill on February 4 following an approximate nine-month investigation. CPD’s Internet Crime Against Children (ICAC) Task Force carried out a search warrant at the residence of Caudill in May 2018. CPD announced the active investigation resulted in evidence being ... Read More »

Portobello Construction To Begin Phase One

Portobello America will begin phase one of the building in the coming months. That according to Baxter Mayor John Martin. “As soon as the weather breaks, if we can ever get it to stop raining, of course, we are supposed to get three inches between now and Sunday,” Martin said. “They are ready to start digging. Their plans are to ... Read More »

Baxter Citizens Anticipate Grand Opening of T-Mart

Baxter citizens are anticipating the grand opening of a new business coming later this month. Mayor John Martin said the new T-Mart convenience store and Papa John’s will give more opportunity for city residents. “We are just so happy that T-Mart has come to Baxter. Most of the people in Baxter have asked every day when Papa John’s is going to ... Read More »