Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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White Co. High School FFA Hosting Breakfast At The Barn And Auction Event

White County High Schools’ FFA is hosting a “Breakfast at the Barn and Auction” on Saturday, September 11th at the White County High School Barn.

White County FFA Chapter President Abby McCulley said that FFA helps students develop important life skills, especially when it comes to agricultural knowledge. McCulley said that the event will feature items for bid ranging from coupons to local businesses to jewelry, as well as a pancake breakfast.

“So you come through the line that day and you want twenty pancakes you can get twenty pancakes,” McCulley said. “Then we also have an auction. We have two of our very own calves that we raised here at our barn on campus. We have one heifer and one bull calf.”

Chapter Reporter Daniel Austin said that all money raised will go to the organizations’ conventions and competitions funds. McCulley said that conventions help connect the group with state and national FFA agents. She said there are a variety of competitions the group can test their skills.

“One of our competitions that we have coming up is soil judging,” McCulley said. “So they go and they tell different qualities about different kinds of soil. We have meat judging so they do different types of meat. They have to learn the cuts and the qualities of meat. Then we have horse judging, livestock judging, we have horticulture which is all about greenhouse.”

Austin said that the group wanted to hold an event that can bring the community together. McCulley said that when it comes to helping their White County FFA Chapter, community plays a huge role.

“We don’t get to have a lot of fundraisers,” McCully said. “So when we have people in the community that can help us it really helps us a lot. Also people in our community, they have been in FFA in the past. So we hear stories from them it helps us to figure out things that we want to continue doing in our FFA chapter or change a little bit.”

Tickets are available for purchase at the door for $10. The pancake breakfast starts at 7:00 a.m., and the auction will start at 9:00 a.m.