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District Helping Landowners With Environmental Impact

Overton County’s Soil and Water Conservation District is providing landowners with a way to improve their land through environmental improvements. District Conservationist Robert Halfacre said the district is a county organization that helps landowners design and fund projects that will have a positive environmental impact on the land. Halfacre said the program is a strong advocate for agriculture. “We are ... Read More »

Some Dekalb Citizens Petitioning Against Plans For New Justice Center

Some Dekalb County residents have put together a petition to prevent the construction of a new justice center in Smithville. The Dekalb County Commission is considering several pieces of land for such a facility. One is a 38-acre lot currently used for agriculture. Petitioner Terry Mahle said the property should be left available for private development. “This is a piece ... Read More »

Dry Weather Impacting Farmers Across Upper Cumberland

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October is usually the driest month of the year and we are entering the month coming off a dry September, something that could impact grass and cattle. This is the time of year where grass is sewn but without rain it could dry out and die. The same goes for pastures where cattle graze. Overton County UT Extension Agent Jason ... Read More »

Lee Lauds York Institute Programs As A “Model” For Districts Statewide

Governor Bill Lee paid a visit to York Insititute Thursday morning celebrating the school’s strong CTE and agriculture programs. Department of Education Commissioner Penny Schwinn called the school a “national model” for all the programs they offer. Lee said that he couldn’t agree more. “There are so many things happening there,” Lee said. “You see kids developing a beef cattle ... Read More »

Putnam County UT Agriculture Extension Offers Mowing Advice

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Mow often and mow high. That is the mowing advice from the Putnam County UT Agriculture extension to keep your yard healthy. Extention agent Wayne Key said the most common mistake he sees is people mowing their grass too short. He said having thick tall grass can help to prevent weed seeds from germinating and keep the grass moist during ... Read More »

State Departments Partner To Boost FFA Programs

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A local ag educator excited that two state departments have teamed up to boost Tennessee’s agricultural education programs through FFA. The State Department of Agriculture and the State Department of Education will work to increase FFA enrollment and opportunities for learning inside and outside the classroom. Van Buren FFA Instructor Lance Smith: “On a local level, I’m hopeful it will ... Read More »

Van Buren UT Extension Hosting Business Opportunities In Rural Tennessee Event

Van Buren County Extension Office is partnering with the state Department of Agriculture to host a Business Opportunities in Rural Tennessee event on Tuesday, January 25th. Ag Extension Agent Chris Binkley said that agriculture is an $8 million industry in Van Buren County. He said that events like this can help those in the industry make the most of their ... Read More »

Seed Swap Returns To Tech’s Oakley Farms In Livingston

The annual Seed Swap is making its return to Tennessee Tech’s Oakley Farms in Livingston on Saturday, October 2nd. Professor of Agricultural Economics Michael Best said that the swap is a chance for people to both trade and purchase heirloom seeds. He said that heirloom seeds are those which you can grow the same variety of plants each year. He ... Read More »