Tuesday, December 6, 2022
Happening Now

Warren Animal Shelter Seeking Volunteers, Fosters, And Adopters

Warren County Animal Shelter is in desperate need of foster homes and adoptive homes for animals.

Director Sherri Bradley said the facility is currently overwhelmingly over capacity, with 106 animals at the facility. She said they are typically built to house 15 dogs and 30 cats.

“If we can get people that would help volunteer that can help with cleaning kennels and socializing and stuff,” Bradley said. “It opens us time to actually get stuff done that we need to get done like go out to check on animals, and the welfare of animals that we can’t get in and make sure they’re being taken care of.”

Bradley said volunteer applications are available at the County Executive’s office. Fostering and adopting applications are available at the shelter, where the shelter employees can help match animals best suited to your home.

Bradley said that if you can’t foster or adopt, just volunteering to socialize the animals can be a huge help. She said socializing helps better prepare animals to be adopted and rehomed.

“With what we have staff-wise we don’t always have the time to actually get them out every day and work with them and get them acclimated to a house,” Bradley said.