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Local Radio Weather Icon Steve Norris Passes Away At 63

Cumberland County’s Steve Norris, who had forecasted the weather and kept local residents informed, has died at age 63. Long-time friend and Star Recording Studio Owner Tony Perry said Norris has been an institutional figure in radio meteorology for the last 46 years. Norris died after complications from a long bout of pneumonia at Cumberland Medical Center Thursday morning. “The ... Read More »

Rainfall Levels Back To Normal After Dry June And July

A dry start to the summer season has turned into higher than average rainfall. National Weather Service Meteorologist Krissy Hurley said conditions in June were what meteorologists call a “flash drought,” with rainfall two inches below normal. She said a high-pressure ridge covering the entire southeast created hot and dry conditions. “But I’m kind of happy to see this August ... Read More »

Cold Front Converging On Gulf Moisture Creating Warm To Snow Transition

Temperatures in the 60’s the last several days make several inches of snow Friday night seem impossible. News Talk 94.1 Meteorologist Rob Carolan said it is a typical March for Tennessee. “It’s actually one of my favorite times of the year meteorologically speaking, because we get these wild events where one day you’re spring like, the next day winter arrives ... Read More »

Flooding A Risk As Storms Pass Through UC This Week

Flooding and strong storms a threat for the Upper Cumberland over the next few days. Putnam County EMA Director Tyler Smith said residents should be mindful of flood prone areas as some communities anticipate up to four inches of rainfall. “It will become saturated as time goes on through the week,” Smith said. “That’s when we’ll start to see more ... Read More »

Warm Winter Days Can Pose Pre-Spring Issues For Crops

UC/Generic - Agriculture

The first few days of warm weather have the potential to start some pre-spring blooming. Putnam County UT Extension Agent Wayne Key said that buds will start to swell as the weather begins to warm, typically around the first week of March. However, the warm days but frosty nights can pose a problem to crops like fruit trees. “They’ll begin ... Read More »

Overton Highway Department Expecting Worse Road Conditions In Round 2

The Overton County Highway Department is salting roads and preparing snow blades for Thursday’s forecast. Highway Superintendent James Norrod said his crews are getting in position to keep the roads as clear as possible. “I expect more from this one that is coming tomorrow,” Norrod said. “Good news is it’s going to come in the day instead of sneaking in ... Read More »

Dynamics Of Jet Stream Caused Quick Transition From Storms To Snow

Temperatures in the 70s one day- two to six inches of snow the next. Not something seen often but National Weather Service Meteorologist Mark Richards said it can occur. “We had the subtropical jet involved. The polar jet involved, and when that happens after the threat of tornadoes is over and the front goes by, you have a lot of ... Read More »

2021 Ice Storm Has Overton Focusing On Preparedness Entering The Winter

Overton County is approaching one year since the major ice storm that ravaged communities in February 2021. County Executive Ben Danner said over that time, emergency preparedness for any future weather events has been a focus. “We did get a generator from the nursing home. We’re going to put it at the ambulance service where it could run the ambulance ... Read More »

Cookeville-Putnam Christmas Parade Pushed Back To Monday Night

The Cookeville-Putnam County Christmas Parade has been postponed to Monday night at 7:00 p.m. due to impending weather. “We know this may be an inconvenience for some, but we want the parade to be safe and enjoyable for everyone,” County Mayor Randy Porter said in a statement. Parade entry lineup starts at 5:00 p.m. with a 6:00 p.m. deadline for ... Read More »

Sparta To Pursue Storm Alert System To Send Warnings Individually

Sparta City Administrator Brad Hennessee said the city could pursue individual storm alerts for residents. Hennessee said the 911 system has the capability to call individuals in the event of a hazardous weather. Hennessee said the city wants to consider the change along with a possible third weather siren coming next budget season. “The question at this point is what’s ... Read More »