Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Drought Conditions And Wind Creating Elevated Fire Danger Thursday

Gusty winds, low humidity, and ongoing drought conditions are leading to elevated fire danger for the Upper Cumberland Thursday.

Drought conditions are particularly worse in the northern part of the region. Baxter Fire Chief Matthew White said in these kinds of conditions, a forgotten cigarette butt or spilled ashtray can create a dangerous situation.

“Of course, the conditions you’re in are going to dictate a lot, but anything you’re not really aware of or things you don’t think of every day,” White said. “That to you, you might not think about but the conditions are just right where you can cause an outdoor fire.”

White said luckily in the southern part of the region, morning frost and dew along with forecasted weekend rain have lessened the drought conditions. He said Fire Chiefs in the area have been keeping an eye on the weather due to the region hovering close to burn ban conditions.