Wednesday, May 25, 2022
Happening Now

Overton Highway Department Expecting Worse Road Conditions In Round 2

The Overton County Highway Department is salting roads and preparing snow blades for Thursday’s forecast.

Highway Superintendent James Norrod said his crews are getting in position to keep the roads as clear as possible.

“I expect more from this one that is coming tomorrow,” Norrod said. “Good news is it’s going to come in the day instead of sneaking in at night, so maybe we can stay on top of it.”

Norrod said he has a couple dump truck loads of salt coming in today to replenish supply. Norrod said the department will aim its salt for steep hills and sharp turns.

“We’ll be good by the time these two trucks get back,” Norrod said. “We don’t try to keep hundreds of tons. We try to keep enough to put on the problem spots to keep it as safe as we can.”

Forecasters calling for several inches of snow to begin Thursday morning . Norrod said scrapping of the roads will begin as soon as snow builds up on the roads.

“We like to start on it as early as we can,” Norrod said. “There’s some hills that we may salt some. The real steep ones to make it safer for even our guys before it gets too slick.”