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Scientist’s Research Shows No Need For TWRA Cutting Project

A forest and grasslands scientist says TWRA’s quail habitat project in White County is not backed by scientific reasoning. University of the South Biology Professor Dr. Jon Evans studies ecology on the Cumberland Plateau. He said there is ample land in state ownership that better suits the project. “We have vastly more quail habitat available to us now to manage ... Read More »

Prepare Before You Leave For Winter Boating Excursions

When it comes to winter boating, the most important step is to prepare for the weather. TWRA Wildlife Sergeant Dustin Buttram said that bundling up and wearing heavy layers is key for going on the water during cold weather. He said that the other key to preparing is to wear an inherently buoyant life jacket. “With inflatables, they’ve very dependable, ... Read More »

Bullock Wants TWRA Cutting Project To Follow Stipulations Of Land Gift

Sparta White County Chamber of Commerce President Marvin Bullock said he still has concerns when it comes TWRA’s cutting project in White County. TWRA said at this time the habitat project will not occur on the north side of the Bridgestone Firestone Wilderness Area. However, the agency indicates the southern project will move forward. Bullock said cutting at the southern ... Read More »

Sen. Bailey: TWRA Timber Plan Postponed, Not Fully Stopped

State Senator Paul Bailey said TWRA’s decision to stop the habitat project in White County serves as a postponement- and may not be the final answer. Bailey said the agency wants to take a step back and make sure the clear cutting plan is what’s best for the wilderness area. “They are going to postpone the clear cutting for a ... Read More »

TWRA Deputy Director: Community Feedback Stopped Proposed Cut

TWRA’s Deputy Director Chris Richardson said in a letter to legislators that the proposed habitat project will continue on the south side of the Bridgestone Firestone Centennial Wilderness area. Richardson said the decision to stop the clear-cutting project on the north side of the wilderness area is based on community feedback not science. Wednesday’s letter from Richardson to State Senator ... Read More »

White Commission Approves Legal Action Against TWRA

The White County Commission approved moving forward with legal action against TWRA’s quail habitat project Tuesday night. The decision came just hours after the county received TWRA would not move forward with the controversial clear cutting project. But, the county does not have the statement in writing. Commissioner Dillard Quick said a verbal intention is not enough. “Until they come ... Read More »

Robinson: TWRA Will Not Move Forward With White Co Habitat Project

White County Executive Denny Wayne Robinson announced Tuesday night that TWRA’s Bridgestone Firestone Centennial Wilderness Area habitat project will not move forward. “TWRA has decided to cancel their plans to cut the trees,” Robinson said. “They’re not going to do it. But, we don’t have that in writing. It just came this afternoon. I feel confident that they are good ... Read More »

White County Considering Legal Action Against TWRA Habitat Project

White County is exploring legal avenues against TWRA’s clear cutting project at the Bridgestone Firestone Centennial Wilderness Area. The County Commission held an attorney-client privilege meeting Monday night. County Executive Denny Wayne Robinson said the county discussed options with County Attorney John Meadows. “We are looking if there is any legal avenues that we can pursue,” Robinson said. “We were ... Read More »

UC Saw Seven Fatalities From Boating In 2021

The Upper Cumberland saw seven fatalities from boating incidents in 2021. TWRA Wildlife Sergeant Dustin Buttram said that across the state, there were 21 fatalities, 72 injuries, and 93 incidents of property damage. He said that most of the incidents came from operator inattention. “Just not paying attention to their surrounding or other boats in the area, that’s one of ... Read More »

Bear Sightings In Overton Becoming More Common

Multiple bear sightings have been reported in the Alpine area of Overton County over the last few weeks. TWRA Outreach and Communications Coordinator Mime Barnes said that bear sightings in the Upper Cumberland have become more common as bear populations grow and their ranges increase. She said that bears have come to find the region suitable for habitation. “And that ... Read More »