Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Bullock Wants TWRA Cutting Project To Follow Stipulations Of Land Gift

Sparta White County Chamber of Commerce President Marvin Bullock said he still has concerns when it comes TWRA’s cutting project in White County.

TWRA said at this time the habitat project will not occur on the north side of the Bridgestone Firestone Wilderness Area. However, the agency indicates the southern project will move forward.

Bullock said cutting at the southern portion could still break the requirements of the giving of the land.

“I’m still waiting on seeing a map on what they’re talking about on the south end,” Bullock said. “Do they include any of the southern part of that original 10,000 acres. If it is the non-indigenous pine, personally I think it would be an improvement to turn non-indigenous pine into a quail habitat.”

Bullock said local hunters share the same feeling. Bullock said from his discussions, the community would be okay with habitat project in the Mooneyham area as long as the gifted land was not altered.

“Hunters said if you cut over there we are not going to complain,” Bullock said. “I have asked for a map, but I have still not received it to see where exactly they are going to cut.”

Bullock said from TWRA’s comments, he believes the door is still open for the agency to consider the cutting project on the north side.

“The announcement alludes that TWRA may consider deforestation on the original 10,000 acre Bridgestone gift in the future,” Bullock said. “The agency’s press release fails to acknowledge the 23 pages of restrictions filed in the White County Courthouse and the 120 page book that Bridgestone published ensuring locals and all Tennesseans that the property would be reserved.”

The Bridgeston Firestone Area was gifted with the promise that the wilderness stayed untouched. The Tennnessee Wildlife Federation has ruled that the project fits the stipulations.