Monday, September 25, 2023
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More Paddlecrafts on The Water This Summer in Upper Cumberland

The TWRA has seen a huge increase in paddlecrafts on the water this year. Region-3 Wildlife Sergeant Dustin Buttram said from the Caney Fork, Obey River to Dale Hollow, there’s been an increase in use. Buttram said if people can get a paddlecraft to the water, they’re going to get in. “Any of the small city lakes in Cookeville, and ... Read More »

Jackson County Planning Roaring River Cleanup

Jackson County has plans to clean up debris in the Roaring River to help with recreation. River bank erosion has brought down trees, causing a hazard in the water. Jackson County Chamber of Commerce President Jordan Hunter said they are pinpointing areas to work on. “Currently there are three locations we’re looking at that have trees that are blocking either ... Read More »

Free Hunting Day Saturday

The TWRA is hosting a Free Hunting Day Saturday, the first day of squirrel season. Communications Coordinator MiMi Barnes said this is a great way to introduce hunting to those who never hunted before. “Hunting is important because it can provide, it can be a source of food for our families,” Barnes said. “It definitely allows us to spend outside ... Read More »

Safe Boating Week This Week

As the Memorial Day weekend approaches, families and friends may choose to spend time on the lake. Safe Boating Week reminds boaters to stay safe on the water while still enjoying the kick off to summer. Sometimes boaters are not aware of their surrounding once they hit the lake. Edgar Evins State Park Manager Brad Halfacre said that is one ... Read More »

Tech Grad Takes Over TWRA

A Tennessee Tech graduate will lead the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency beginning June 1 as Bobby Wilson becomes Executive Director. “It’s a wonderful school, I miss my time there,” Wilson said “I had a great, enjoyable experience while I was there. And I learned so much from the wildlife degree, which is really all I ever wanted to get was ... Read More »

Bears On The Move In The UC

Spring is a time for wildlife to be on the move and that includes bears. Black bears move around this time of year to find and establish territory. Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency Communications Coordinator Mimi Barnes said the bears also looking for food. “Our bears don’t always go into that deep hibernation that we see on TV,” Barnes said. “It ... Read More »

Preventing Boating Accidents Begins With Life Jacket

The death of a Putnam County boater Wednesday serves as a reminder to the importance of boat safety. TWRA Outreach and Communications Coordinator Mimi Barnes said one piece of advice ranks as more important than any other. “Wear a life jacket,” Barnes said. “It can be hot sometimes and uncomfortable, but this is something that can save your life, so ... Read More »