Tuesday, June 25, 2024
Happening Now

Bear Sightings Expected In UC As Animals Look For New Habitat

Upper Cumberland residents need to be aware that young black bears will begin moving through the area looking for a habitat.

TWRA Information & Education Officer Mime Barnes said this is the mostly likely time of year for people to spot a bear. Barnes said the goal is to get them out of town and into the wild, so things that attract bears need to be put away.

“We are asking that they remove bird feeders, don’t put your trash out until the morning of trash day,” Barnes said. “Keep grills protected in a garage if possible. Because those greasy smells can attract bears.”

Barnes said that if a bear is reported in a neighborhood and continues to cause issues then residents should report this to TWRA. Barnes said that there are no circumstances where feeding or following a bear is a good idea.

“If someone encounters a bear they should look large, make a lot of noise and slowly back from the area,” Barnes said. “Just keep your distance and let the bear move on its way.”

Barnes said there are resources online for people to learn how to bear-proof their homes. She said bearwise.org is a great resource for people looking for the best practices if they encounter a black bear.