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TWRA: Secure Food, Garbage To Avoid Attracting Bears

People need to be careful about what they are leaving outside as bears start to become more active in the region. TWRA Wildlife Information Specialist Míme Barnes said bears are becoming more common across the state and here in the Upper Cumberland. She said juvenile black bears leave their mothers this time of year and are looking for new territory. ... Read More »

Bear Sightings Expected In UC As Animals Look For New Habitat

Upper Cumberland residents need to be aware that young black bears will begin moving through the area looking for a habitat. TWRA Information & Education Officer Mime Barnes said this is the mostly likely time of year for people to spot a bear. Barnes said the goal is to get them out of town and into the wild, so things ... Read More »

Bears On The Move In The UC

Spring is a time for wildlife to be on the move and that includes bears. Black bears move around this time of year to find and establish territory. Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency Communications Coordinator Mimi Barnes said the bears also looking for food. “Our bears don’t always go into that deep hibernation that we see on TV,” Barnes said. “It ... Read More »