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Labor Day Boating Means Lower Water Levels

Labor Day marks the end of summer boating season for most, but it’s important to remain vigilant while celebrating this weekend. TWRA reports that Tennessee has already seen 24 boating-related fatalities this year an increase from 17 at the same time last year. The 24 fatalities have surpassed the year total of 22 for 2021. TWRA Wildlife Officer Dustin Buttram: ... Read More »

TWRA Free Hunting Day Returns This Saturday

Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency set to host its annual Free Hunting Day this Saturday. TWRA Outreach and Communications Coordinator Mime Barnes said the day was created to hopefully inspire more people to get interested in the sport. “We also see a lot of parents taking their child for the first time on that day,” Barnes said. “But various ages can ... Read More »

Rattlesnakes Common In Upper Cumberland Region

The possibility of finding a rattlesnake in the Upper Cumberland is very likely. TWRA Wildlife Diversity Coordinator Daniel Istvanko said the Upper Cumberland is home to one species of rattlesnake out of two in the state: the timber rattlesnake. “They prefer mature, heavily wooded forests,” Istvanko said. “You know rocky, south-facing slopes with plenty of sunshine. They are often associated ... Read More »

Turkey Numbers Declining, What’s the Issue?

The population decline of wild turkeys within Tennessee has been recently visible due to hunting and reproduction issues. TWRA’s Wild Turkey Program Coordinator Roger Shields said the main cause of the decline seems to be a lack of reproduction among the species. “That’s what drives turkey populations by large, is their ability to successfully reproduce,” Shields said. “When they do ... Read More »

State Issues Fish Consumption Advisory At Center Hill Lake

The state announced a precautionary consumption advisory Monday for fish caught at Center Hill Lake because of high mercury levels. The advisory specifically covers black bass such as largemouth, spotted, and smallmouth bass. A state study on fish tissue that began in 2021 found species in the lake to have mercury levels above the trigger of 0.3 mg/kg (parts per ... Read More »

Make Sure Safety Equipment Is Up-To-Date Before Boating Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend marks the return of the summer boating season for many in the Upper Cumberland. TWRA Wildlife Sergeant Dustin Buttram said that before you take to the waters, you should have a plan in place to avoid one of the biggest boating dangers: alcohol impairment. “That’s one of the leading causes of accidents, is alcohol-related incidents,” Buttram said. ... Read More »

Law Passes Limiting Personal Property Seizures By TWRA

A new law prohibiting the state’s wildlife resources agency from seizing personal property without due process has been signed by Governor Bill Lee. The legislation was pushed through the house by State Representative Kelly Keisling. Keisling said the law focuses on vehicles and trailers. “The way this thing was set up TWRA could just confiscate a person’s vehicle,” Keisling said. ... Read More »

Scientist’s Research Shows No Need For TWRA Cutting Project

A forest and grasslands scientist says TWRA’s quail habitat project in White County is not backed by scientific reasoning. University of the South Biology Professor Dr. Jon Evans studies ecology on the Cumberland Plateau. He said there is ample land in state ownership that better suits the project. “We have vastly more quail habitat available to us now to manage ... Read More »

Prepare Before You Leave For Winter Boating Excursions

When it comes to winter boating, the most important step is to prepare for the weather. TWRA Wildlife Sergeant Dustin Buttram said that bundling up and wearing heavy layers is key for going on the water during cold weather. He said that the other key to preparing is to wear an inherently buoyant life jacket. “With inflatables, they’ve very dependable, ... Read More »

Bullock Wants TWRA Cutting Project To Follow Stipulations Of Land Gift

Sparta White County Chamber of Commerce President Marvin Bullock said he still has concerns when it comes TWRA’s cutting project in White County. TWRA said at this time the habitat project will not occur on the north side of the Bridgestone Firestone Wilderness Area. However, the agency indicates the southern project will move forward. Bullock said cutting at the southern ... Read More »